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Yi in 19th Century Japan

I’ve been browsing with growing fascination through the Takashima Ekidan. Published in 1893 in Tokyo, this is an English translation by Shigetake Sugiura of an original Yijing translation by Kaemon Takashima, a successful serial entrepreneur and respected diviner. (‘Eki’ is the Japanese name for the Yi, and I believe ‘dan’ means ‘monograph’.) It includes a… Continue Reading

The distance of line 6

  Image © Freeteo I’ve taken to thinking just about the position of a changing line, as a starting point for looking at its imagery and connections – and it’s surprising how often this provides the key to a reading. Line 6, for instance. We’ve passed line 5 – the culmination, the place of the… Continue Reading

Hexagram relationships

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Two-line relationships

Here’s a whole field of study where (as far as I know) we’ve barely scratched the surface. Each hexagram line ‘points towards’ the hexagram created when it changes, its zhi gua. It’s natural enough to go through the I Ching line by line and see how each one reflects the relationship of its two hexagrams… Continue Reading

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