I am hoping one of you wise and more experienced IC'ingers could help me better understand the hexagrams I just received in regards to a loan / financial situation.

I asked the IC if applying for this loan was the best solution for my current financial situation and received 54 w/ no moving lines. I interpreted that not to be too positive an answer. When I asked for a better understanding, I got hex 60 w/ moving 6 turning into 38.

I then asked if my loan was going to be approved and received 26 Great Accumulating w/ moving 3rd turning into 41 Diminishing. Should I read this as diminishing is my current state and by getting the loan, I will be greatly accumulating? Or should I read it as by greatly accumulating (that the loan will be approved) and I will be diminishing all other debts?

Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.