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Thread: Internet relationship 17 .>41

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    Default Internet relationship 17 .>41

    Hi all

    I just been thrown into a difficult situation.

    I have been in an online relationship since 2006 and have really got to know this girl online. Its a familiar story I guess but I am looking at the facts, I chat with her via webcam and we have developed a i would say an intimate friendship.

    She applied for a visa to come to australia and sent me a copy which looked legitimate
    I sent her the money for the plane ticket and she was suppose to arrive friday morning my time. A few hours before she was suppose to board i recived a phone call from an official saying that she needs more money to get on the plane. This is when i started thinking?

    I called the airline the next day to see if she made a booking they had no -record of a cancellation also i could not see why she would need more money if she has a visa.

    Possibly at the other end they may question it.

    I called the embassy in austalia where she was departing and they said it could be a scam I also called immagration in australia and they told me she does need money to enter and the amount she was asking for was similar to what she will need. However they said this is generally soughted before she gets the visa

    I spoke to her the next day and i was not happy at all and told her i was sending the visa for validation as i think thats the best way to get to the real bottom of this.

    I am really confused this has been going on since 2006

    The night they called i asked straight out am I being scammed 12.5.6>19

    I then asked today what do I need to know about the situation>41

    In the second reading i see good and bad 41 is not good thou

    Line 2 & 4 seem like a warning against the wrong people but 5 & 6 seem better especiall 6 as I have always flet she understands me way more than most.

    If you need more info to help read this please ask

    any assistance would be good, life was dandy then this


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    hope i'm not wrong but nothing is going to happen (12.5.6-16) so you better consider the scam alternative. good fortune will come if you move away ( 12.6 ) and this is no mistake ( 12.5 )
    Be not sad.
    Be like the sun at midday.

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    I think you have to check it out properly but I have to say I have never heard of anyone taking 4 years to build up what would be a relatively small rip off on the scale of things. It is also very common for many countries to demand to see evidence that there "will be no recourse to public funds" for the duration of the stay. (Try getting into the UK if you are African for instance, the visa is only one tiny part, even for a 2 week visit the requirements are ludicrous). Also Airlines are held responsible now if entry details are not correct.

    I can't answer your first Q - how could you know what side of the YES/NO divide it is talking to?

    But your second Q doesn't look that bad.

    17.2 requires a bit of maturity which could mean don't be naive.
    17.4 gets mixed reviews but I think the key is to be open to guidance without being fixed in terms of attachment to outcomes - either way.
    17.5 gets good press no? This is maybe speaking to the communication you have with this woman.
    17.6 speaks of being bound - however there is much debate as to whether that is in terms of being sacrificed or in terms of a strong bond between people or things. Me, when I look back over my journals, think I am not sure.... maybe it is both.....

    All in the context of 41 which suggests "there is truth and confidence"

    I just don't see this as extremely dodgy. I think if it was the lines would be more blatant. They would say things more strongly.

    It is funny how 'westerners' are often so attached to their views of giving and receiving. In the African cultures I am familiar with it is normal and acceptable to ask for what you need. There is also no offence taken if it can't be supplied but you are looked upon as stupid if you don't at least ask. And I have personal experience of it working both ways even when the "giver" had almost nothing. Yes there are scam artists out there 419s is a popular name but I never heard of one taking 4 years.

    Steve, keep an open mind is my advice. Do what you have to do to protect yourself but don't blow what could be possibly an interesting experience by being too defensive.

    17 is about flowing, about being in tune with what is going on around you and being able to respond to that in a flowing and responsive way - not a rigid fixed way.

    Hope all goes well and let us know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post

    I called the airline the next day to see if she made a booking they had no -record of a cancellation
    They had no record of a cancellation so she had no ticket to begin with.

    Is this the same girl that was scamming you a couple of years ago? Sounds familiar.

    I think the evidence speaks for itself but I have seen literally dozens of girls pull this type of trick. Usually they have a least a half dozen men on the go at any one time.

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    Hi everyone & thanks for your two bobs worth

    I spoke to my friend Friday and she was absolutley furious I was implying a scam she said I can do all the investigations I want and would see in the end she is telling the truth.

    I know what you mean about the lines being blantant there are plenty of lines that can do that.
    I will know more this week she basicaly said she would be happy to give the money back, and she knows i wont be sending anymore money till she arrives and she is still coming online.
    after all this time it would be strange if it was a scam.

    There is a strong bond so i guess we will have to see

    I will keep y'all posted and yes I have been keeping an open and if this is not a scam there will be allot of people around here eg my business partner that will be eating there words also it would be a good thread for reference either way

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    PS Gato dont know if its just a typo but you have Hex 16 instead of 19 dont know if that is effecting your judgement


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    12:1,2,4,5,6 19
    12:5,6 16 which one is it ?
    Be not sad.
    Be like the sun at midday.

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    yes u are right sorry 12.5.6>16


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    Steve, I've been following this with interest. I feel your angst, and I also sympathize with your friend. To me, things look on the up and up. I think it's always been kinda slow and uneasy to travel to Australia or New Zealand. My impression is that they're fiscally very conservative regarding tourism and immigration, you have to almost buy your way in or grease some hands. Plus, now, with heightened security issues and such, it's no wonder things can get lost in the sauce.

    Things appear to have stalled out for the time being. 12.5 and 6 requires you to sort out and recreate something, if you want to keep this relationship and/or visit process going.

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    Thats what I thought about line 6 as well but when your in the reading you cant be sure, yes they are conservative that is true, its a pain on some levels.
    I just dont exactly know what is going on over there that is a problem.

    Unfortunaley its could sound like a 419 but when u talk with someone for 4 years u tend to get a fair idea of someones personality and i have delt with scammers before and have found them in general very impatient

    I will know allot more this week any.
    will def keep you all posted

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