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    Hey there everyone, hope you can take the time to help me unravel this situation. I recently consulted the I Ching randomly about what would happen that night, or what I could look forward to. I got Increase to a Decrease, whose underlying nuclear hexagram is Stripping Away changing to Returning for those who are interested. Anyways, I got a random call from someone I'd been waiting to hear from.

    Even though she started being distant out of nowhere a couple weeks ago, when she called it was like we never stopped talking. Part of me just feels lead on, but there is sincerity in her words. She said she felt like I was the only person who would never hurt her, and that indeed does mean a lot to me.

    But anyways haha, I asked 2 questions. First I asked what does she see in me, and I got 26 Great Potential unchanging which is a fairly good sign. However she has given me reasons to be wary of pursuing her as it didn't work in the past. Then again at the time she had a boyfriend, but they broke up recently, which was part of our small falling out.

    I don't know whether she really sees something in me or is just telling me what I want to hear you know? So I asked why does she say she misses me even though it doesn't feel like it and got 24 2.3.6 Returning changing to 26 Great Potential. Is this a sign that my pursuit is necessary to make things right?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Well, your last reading showed the potential for a closer relationship with her, so getting a call is a step closer.

    It suggests that she sees you as trustworthy, dependable and caring. She seems to have undergone a change of mind while you were out of the picture, now she wants in on the game again, so your turn to deal the cards.

    What are you going to do?

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    What does she see in me?
    26 > 26

    Hexagram 26 represents a basket.

    ▄▄▄▄▄▄  handle of the basket
    ▄▄  ▄▄
    ▄▄  ▄▄
    ▄▄▄▄▄▄  body of the basket
    It is the hexagram of food storage and the restraint of yang. It suggests to me that your suspicion is correct. She wishes to add you to her collection of boyfriends.

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    Thank you both for your responses, they seem to encourage the situation. If the ball really is in my court I'm guessing the best decision is to put myself out there and make the effort. The worst that can happen is nothing, and techinically that's what I'm starting with anyways right haha?

    On a side note, I cast a hex this morning just asking what I can do to bring myself happiness tonight (asking in a totally unrelated context to the question is mentioned in this thread). I got 13.6 to 49. The nuclear hexagram for both is 44 Seduction so I'm pretty sure that is the green light lol.
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