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    Hi all

    one of the projects that I have in my part of the business that will be mine is a business directory which I havent had time for but has potential.

    I have decided to put some more time in and hope it pays off.

    I asked will the directory be successful and recieved 22.3.5>42 the reading looks positive but I guess I dont have the best clarity at the moment and not sure how to read this hex 22 in this context.

    Does anyone have an idea what the Yi is telling me?


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    22 is good for anything that is for artistic or decorative activity. A business directory doesn't seem to fit the bill. Otherwise, 22 promises very little for big undertakings. Small things, yes, but nothing big. However, in this case you eventually come to 42 which is clearly a gain. So, my sense is that do over do it. The moving lines are also very small. The moist beard, and a wedding party where there are very few gifts. But it turns out all right. If you seek small gains, then you will do well.

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    Thats what I thought, strange reading although its online the directory and is artisic in a way, however i did another reading and just asked is this going to work for me and recieved 52.6 and seemed to be a much more direct answer

    thks for your imput


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    just moderate success/development
    Be not sad.
    Be like the sun at midday.

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    Thx gato

    I wasnt expecting millions would be a good filler at the moment, was just hoping i wasnt wasting my time


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    22-> 42
    in this case 22 could stay for "nice optional"... it's not the important part of your job... just an optional!
    but hex 42 also advice you that you need to invest work in it... a day by day investment!

    52-> 15 mean that you have to understand... what people want to see/find in this directory... so at time just small success for it!

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