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    Hi everyone

    I was just doing a monthly reading, thios month is really going to kind of make or break me in a way. I have some good opportunitys coming up. I aslo have a better start than normal but still I have concerns , if people dont pay or pay when they want then it wont matter what I do.

    I asked what do i need to do this month to get things on track
    I recieved>2

    I am not relating to what the yi is saying except maybe line 5 is telling me to follow my dreams.

    Would love some help on this one


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    I am thinking that 17 says you need to follow a good
    leader - who is a leader in what you need to be doing?
    Go see them and do as they suggest (2)

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    Hi Hopex
    thanks heaps for answering thats what I mean I dont relate to that
    as I am the boss could it be I need advice , business advice, I really dont have a leader, I think its one of those readings that makes no sense but may in the future.


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    Steve I have a friend who is a successful boutique owner - I have
    seen her with a customer who puts stock by and doesnt pay for it.
    It drives her to distraction as the lady doesnt collect it and then
    its last season. I watch her closely because she IS successful.

    I sometimes use internal leaders - ie ask a wise inner leader or
    think of whom you most admire on an conference table with
    you and ask advice - for example ask Alan Sugar what he thinks
    and see how he answers (in your minds eye of course because
    i don think he will take your call without swearing a lot

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    Hex 17.1: things are changing. You need to learn to respond to your environment. i.e. go out there and have lunch with people that will be able to help you. You need some serious networking to get things back on track..

    Hex 17.4: This line calls for a self-reflection of what you have done before. Have you been approaching others in a sincere manner? In terms of business, it does suggest skip the sweet talking and get down to business.

    Hex 17.5: You need a clear strategy. Be critical about what has to be changed and done. If you think some people are clinging on you for selfish reasons, it would be best to leave them and pursue something better.

    Hex 2: this further support the need to response to changes in your environment and business. Life is filled with surprises, isn't it?

    Hope it helps

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    Yes tifa thx
    that makes a bit more sense, I work from home and maybe i need to get out there.I know some successful people that i am thinking of approaching with some of my ideas.
    I have some big projects that i have on the back burner because of dealing with so many small issues my plans are running 3 months behind now and yes what you are saying in line 4 make sense , just getting to the point more, if they dont go ahead then move on.
    I think what you are sayin in line 17.5 makes sense maybe I should get advice on a clear strategy and the yi could be refering to cutting costs which I have been thinking about seriously.
    and 2 yes that reflects having a plan being versatile as tyhe economic climate is changing where I am its not drastic but I can feel people are tighter with their money out there in general some of my clients are really hurting.
    That also makes more sense now in what hopex was saying as well

    thx heaps

    Steve ooo

    PS i did a reading on a plan i had that didnt involve some of the bigger ideas i have and the yi was basicaly telling me think bigger. It was the line that talks about boysih plans I was in fact a little insulted at the time but maybe its time to put these bigger plans in place.
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