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Thread: Lost Debit Card. Hex 3.4 > Hex 17

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    Default Lost Debit Card. Hex 3.4 > Hex 17

    Where did I misplace my credit card? Hex 3.4 > Hex 17

    Hexagram 3.4 says I will find it if I'm reading correctly and hexagram 17 says follow through and it should turn up? Not sure here.

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    3 makes me think it is under something yet is popping out and trying to emerge. Line 4 makes me think of a car. 17 can mean 'to trace' or 'follow' and makes me think this is a picture of what you are doing.. you are trying to track it down.

    Under the seat of your car. JUST A GUESS!

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    Credit, ATM and Debit Cards: What to do if They're Lost or Stolen

    The Image says

    Clouds and thunder:
    The image of Difficulty at the Beginning.
    Thus the superior man
    Brings order out of confusion.

    Perhaps in straightening up you you will find it. Not exactly horse and wagon parting, but pocket items are often misplaced when changing clothes.

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    found it. well it wasnt in my car but on my book shelf underneath a receipt just popping out. I gave up looking for it and found it in the morning when I was going to work. It happened misplaced when i was changing my clothes the night before. From this, in regards to the hexagram I take away from hexagram 17 just follow through. Don't try with hexagram 17 - just let it happen and continue doing as you are and things come straight without effort unless you resist.

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