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    Hello again. I write because in the course there is invitation to questions and comments.

    First of all thanks the introductory, beginner's course. This is what introduced me into Yijing and I think is very well written so I bought the longer course.

    From all exercises the most helpful were the one that explains how two hexagrams relate to each other. In the course there is the best explanation on how one hexagram relates to other I could find and without it all readings were kind of blurry. I wasn't even trying to think one is for present and one is for the future. I simply didn't know what to do with the fact that usually there are two.

    Also important to me was the one that explains how to read a single hexagram. I got a single hexagram in a very important reading and only after this I could rest asurred that I got the most of this reading.

    I also needed the one that was about asking questions. I think this is good for asking questions about important things in life no matter if you use Yijing. I'm normally asking yes/no questions about everything. The course is my tool to work my question until it's right for the oracle.

    Interesting thing about the Daxiang: Since the moment I heard about Yijing I liked trigrams. They are easier to learn than hexagrams and they were the first thing I noticed after throwing coins. I could see them before grabbing a book. I used to think that Yijing is all about trigrams and hexagrams are secondary information. That was before I learn't that trigrams came later. It takes time to understand trigrams and I still might have problems with fire and water. There is also a great deal of confusion. Sometimes the relationship between trigrams and the hexagram is obvious. I could guess that hexagram 40 is about release without using any book. Other times I have no idea why fire and wind above means 'family members'. I can have a hindsight and think how important fireplace must have been for a household. How all family members gathered there.

    The course lacks explanation in the daxiang part about how noble young one's actions or other bits of texts reflect the trigrams. I found it on the forum and am still getting familiar with daxiang. Also the related issue: I was first drawn to yijing by the idea of drawing the picture of a situation with coin throws. I liked those simple 'broken line', 'unbroken line' pictures. Still after the course the ideograms are a mystery. Sometimes I find them important and sometimes not. Sometimes this system of energy going up works, sometimes I have to take it on belief that some tower was an important and vivid image in ancient china. Sometimes the trigrams say it all sometimes they don't. I would like to read more on that subject matter.

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