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Thread: Working with National Grants...

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    Wink Working with National Grants...

    Susan and I asked what our experience would be working with this company to get
    grants to buy property... Susan's is: 19,9/1,9/2,2 and mine is: 13,9/4,37
    Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated by both of us!!

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    "Susan's is: 19,9/1,9/2,2"

    Hex 19.1 suggests that working with this company will prove to be very fruitful and is therefore worth following up.

    Hex 19.2 says that working with National Grants will produce concrete results, they will help you achieve your goal.

    Hex 2 says for you to let them do the leg work and you will reap the benefits.

    "mine is: 13,9/4,37"

    Hex 13.4 it says that in the beginning there will most likely be problems and misunderstandings between you and this company leaving you rather dismayed but when you realize that you need them and cooperate more fully then you will achieve success.

    Hex 37 is about family affairs and therefore finding a positive solution through this company, the line says that the woman must persevere and then there will be success.

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    Wink Thanks so much willowfox...

    I had mentioned to Susan that her reading was better than mine for this venture. I hope
    this offers Susan some confidence and moral support for what we are about to
    undertake. I'm certainly not surprised that I will have a tough time of it. That's a
    prevailing theme in every area of my life right now. Nothing is coming to me easily.
    And thanks again for your thoughtful input.

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    Thanks Willowfox.


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