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Thread: Should a take this class?

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    Hi everyone, hope you all have a nice holiday season if you do celebrate around this time of year.
    I askd the ic if I should take my drawing class on Sat. mornings and I recieved 59.3-57.
    The reason I'm posting is it seemed so wierd a response, but negative at least about the changing line. Not sure if 57 smooths things out or not, but probably not, I guess.
    Then I asked what about another time period that is available for drawing and I got 5.1.5-46.
    The 5.1 confused me and I don't know what to make of it.
    Thank you for any help with interpreting.

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    I think the 5 line 1 and 5 means waiting and feasting throught this xmas period untill things get back to normal.

    57 -3 perhaps you do not want to,but a poor responce could force you to rethink your decesion.Go with the secound reading.
    Your resourse wiil be back on track after the christmas period.

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    Thank you Stuart. I thought the 2nd reading sounded better. Thanks again!

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    59,3 was a strange answer for that question wasn't it ? Almost as if suggesting there is really something else you will need to tend to then - or even is the class actually going to run ? If I were you I think I might be prepared to have alot of flexibility around these classes and yes to wait a little while and have some fun before starting -

    BTW 59, 3 is not an inauspicious line (did Stuart read it as 57,3)as far as I can see in regard to your question. Also it may refer to the whole project of the drawing, your purposes in taking the classes and what it means to you in your life ?

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    Really I thought 59. 3 was inuaspicious. I went thru the archives and someone interpreted as "you don't count", . In terms of action does the 2nd answer seem like the one to take?


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