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    Default Hex 7 Line 5

    Hi again

    I also am having trouble seeing this line clearly.
    7 The Army line 5...
    I asked two Q's on the same theme and this line came up.

    Q1 Is my path straight?
    (As in should I dedicate myself to one subject/career-path (though I cringe at this phrase because it's not clear cut for most of us... not for a while anyway... unless you're one of those people born with a firm belief that you're here to do one thing).

    7.5 > 29
    Seems encouraging because it says there is game in the field. One particular thing I should be 'hunting'? - seems to say concentrate on one thing: 'It furthers one to hold fast, to catch'
    But then it also talks of someone immature trying to take the lead leading to misfortune... so perhaps it is saying I'm not mature enough to know? (and so drive the carriage? (of my life that is))

    Q2 Should I participate in this course?
    (I'm interested in what it's about but not sure the people would be my age group's only a short course, but it is quite expensive)

    7.1,3,5 > 5
    I think this is saying I would need to be sure (7.1 : a just cause must exist before committing to action), and there would need to be a good leader (7.3) and then again, 7.5..... Perhaps it's saying I'm not ready to take the driving seat here again?

    Then changing to hex 5 says to me I need to wait and see - then it'll become clear whether this is the right kind of nourishment - or that there is something better or more appropriate that I don't know of yet..

    Thanks for reading. I know the subject of career paths can be tricky and it's just as good not to commit because maybe then you have more life experience and are freer to meet different people etc.. rather than get stuck on the ladder... but that might also feel good!
    Does 7.5 simply say that there is something - game - to pursue - but I need to be older to see that more clearly?

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    Default Self Discipline

    It seems that the whole reading is about self-discipline. Here you are not mobilizing others (H7), but you need to mobilize yourself.

    Line 1 says that there is misfortune if discipline is not good.

    Line 3 says that the quality of clear goals is missing. Foresight is lacking and you lack genuine commitment. Corpses are useless ideas, false images, that the line suggests you are carrying around.

    Line 5 is not "game in the field" in a positive sense, but either birds of prey (Karcher) or wild forest animals that are eating the crops (Balkin). It refers to an enemy invasion which must be met with determination, force and experience. Without experience, you must consult others who know your field as to whether there will be crops available to you.

    Hexagram 5 is your position are waiting for the right thing, for nourishment. It does not sound like this choice will bring you that nourishment, but I would try consulting with others and being open to others wisdom on the subject, as Balkin's interpretation of Line 5 suggests.


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    Q1 Is my path straight? 7.5 > 29

    This suggests that if you scatter your abilities then you will achieve nothing but setbacks in life, therefore you need to be organized and follow the rules and so, if you set your mind to a single task, no matter how difficult then that is what will benefit you in life. So, make up your mind and go for it whole heartedly.

    Q2 Should I participate in this course? 7.1,3,5 > 5

    I don't think that it would be a good idea, certainly not at the moment anyway.

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    Thanks both!
    Hmmm yes don't think I fancy the course deep down anyway - plus it's a lot of money for what it is... and more for old timers I think..

    So I suppose when line 7.5 says it 'furthers one' to catch the game - but if the game referred to is invading enemy - then maybe that represents the ideas of what do do that aren't suitable for me - that I can't see yet as the 'younger who transports corpses'.... so there has to be someone mature leading the hunt... so in other words perhaps it's saying it is not within my power right now to know what I am meant to dedicate myself to... but that there is something out there worth pursuing - if I apply self-discipline to realising (and accepting) what that could be.

    I'm really enjoying writing at the moment and it's flowing - plus I have goals in that area to work towards which is keeping me at it (through entering short story comps etc) so I think by doing that, because I enjoy writing I am able to dedicate myself, but that as I grow (or act) older it'll become clearer which direction to commit to fully... but until then I will continue entertaining perhaps unsuitable ideas (corpses), because my ego desires instant satisfaction? or appeasement at any cost.. even if it conflicts which my abilities... to feel worthy or get attention...

    I am still thinking of exploring teaching abroad, but I know my character may not be suited to the act of teaching... but I may be able to work on that. I'm considering the course anyway, and if it's a horrific experience I'll know not to go there, but if not then the opportunity would be amazing, I'd just have to adjust...

    Sheesh... I'll just go with the flow.. But I agree with what you say Willowfox about 7.5 - if you can hone in on one thing that's the only way to make a mark in that field.

    It does still confuse me slightly that line - but I'm getting it just means that sorting out the good ideas from the bad, comes with age and experience.. or self-discipline..

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    ps I like your name 'tiger in the boat'!
    Does it refer to the book 'The life of Pi'?
    Or is it some sort of metaphor for something?
    I like how it sounds anyway

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