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Hexagram 57, in here and out there

The name of Hexagram 57 – Subtle Penetration, the Wind – shows imperial seals on a stand:

Name of Sun, hexagram 57, from LiSe

LiSe describes them as a personal inner blueprint, something that penetrates everything you do. Some influences flow in steadily and shape you, as wind following wind sculpts trees, or rock.However, this isn’t only something that happens to you. It can also be a way of having an influence, creating an effect. Reading what Maryam Webster wrote on her blog about ‘In Here and Out There‘, I realised she was describing how it works:

Attention is there, your inquisitive mind wants to find out more, setting your Intention to subconsciously go looking for mentions of the new interest. You do this Repetitively, many times a day and not suprisingly, the object of your focus appears to become more frequent in your life. You’ve just done a simple act of Manifestation in the physical. And this formula works time and again, equally well for changes in your self, your environment and the world around you.’

Yi says:

‘Subtle penetration, small creating success.
Harvest in having a direction to go.
Harvest in seeing the great person.’

You give your attention to the great person, to your highest potential as source of guidance. You have a direction to go, an intention: as Wilhelm says, ‘only when the penetrating influences works always in the same direction can the object be attained.’ And as ‘wind follows wind’, inwardly and outwardly, you repeat.

So ‘subtle penetration’ goes both ways:

  • Influences flow into you, chosen or unchosen, and become the inner ‘seals’ expressed in all you see and do.
  • What you see and do flows out from you and influences your environment.

The Image describes that outward flow:

‘Wind follows wind. Subtle penetration.
Noble one delegates orders to get things done.’

Yes, this is simple, practical advice: delegate, and more gets done; the more people you pass an idea to, the further it will reach. But it also works at a deeper level: ‘delegating orders’ also translates as ‘spreading the mandate’. Your personal mandate can reach out and penetrate into the world – which is something very like magic.

In the preceding hexagram, 56, there is the Sojourner, with his overwhelming sense of not belonging. (Out at the fringes of the New Age movement are people with a strong sense that they came to earth on a mission from another star system: natural Sojourners.) The Sequence says simply that in Hexagram 57 you enter in, you are home.

At root, this hexagram is about interpenetration. Just under the surface, we and our environment interpenetrate, feed into one another, each made of the other. When this shared inner nature shows itself a little more clearly, we call it synchronicity. As it emerges fully into consciousness, we move into the realms of Hexagram 58: open, joyous communication.

Name of Dui, hexagram 58, from LiSe

8 responses to Hexagram 57, in here and out there

  1. But the Nuclear hexagram for hexagram 57 is 38, opposition. And 57 moves into 58, joy. May I ask, which one to follow – 38 or 58.

    Please advise. Thanks.

  2. If you’re asking what advice you should follow when you receive 57 – 57’s! With 38 in mind as something that might come up and need handling, and 58 in mind as something you are not called on to do now, even though in the end it completes the process you’re involved in.

    If you’re asking which hexagram follows 57 – that depends what you mean by ‘follow’! Neither of these hexagrams will predict what follows in time from a time of 57.

    38 is implicit within it; it might ‘follow’ that in a time of subtle penetration, you have to look at differences and opposition – the gulf between ‘in here’ and ‘out there’, for instance.

    58 joined with 57 is part of a single idea, of penetrating in and bringing out. So you can say that 58 ‘follows’ from 57. But in practice, in readings, the paired hexagram is most often useful as a reminder of the part of the process that isn’t your job just now.

  3. I like to add (excuse my humble english, not my native language) and as above was already mentioned, the Inner Hex is ‘Opposition’ (Lake below, Fire above) which points to conflicts. Hex. 57 (Subtle Penetration) to me means ‘inner conflicts’ which can keep you off taking any actions and getting stuck in solving them inside by pondering, doubting and questioning all and everything.

    The inner lower Trigramme ‘Lake’ tends to reflect thoughts (Fire) – to me a symbol for ‘pondering’.. it is a ping-pong game between the inner Hex. Lake and Fire.

    Wind as a symbol stands as well for ‘anger’, passive anger’ or ‘passive aggression’. Hex. 57 has to do as well with intrigues or mobbing in the worst case and in the best with the process of mediation. (BTW you can as well mob yourselve).

    I admire LiSe´s interpretaion of the Yi. For Hex 57.2 she writes: “…the tool of thinking,…is a tool of arrogance.You do not know anything, it knows you..” Great! Sometimes we all observe ourselves in thinking into some greatness which in reality does not exist. This often is the case when we have been ashamed, pride was hurt. In a broader sense Hex. 57 to me is as well about wounded pride (Lake) which reduces inner joy a lot.

    I think Hex. 57 (Subtle Penetration) general advice is take actions instead of getting stuck in pondering. Don´t get drawn into the ping-pong game of ‘Lake’ and ‘Fire’. Positive mediation is objective and not personal. Forget about pride and shame (forces only inner weakness) – inner joy comes from good communication with others of same interests.

  4. This is great stuff, thank you. I like the image of the ‘ping pong game’ especially. I do associate 57, especially unchanging, with indecision. You ‘get into’ the subject, certainly, but sometimes you need to get out of it, also…

  5. Yes, Hex. 57 can be called ‘Indecision’ alltogether. If you ask the Yi what kind of guy/girl am i and you get 57 with no changing line you have a problem. That is for sure to me. But there is an easy way out too. I just mentioned it in the Open Space section of the forum. A second way for people who suffer from Indecision along with dullness is group therapy or any kind of real group activity.
    (That is based on my personal experience with someone who is ‘Indecision’ on two legs 🙂

  6. Real group activity… like 58? 😉

    Maybe… speculating here… if you are always inclined to get inside things, burrow deep into the issues, identify them with yourself and yourself with them – then that manifests as indecision. Someone who stands apart from their actions, with a clear and separate sense of self, will find being decisive a whole lot easier.

    Mind you, 57 is also very effective by nature – just look at wind erosion, or what tree roots do to concrete paths – but in a way that might look as though nothing much is happening at all.

  7. For me hex 57 unchanging means that the oracle is aware of something, and she says “keep on persisting in a gentle manner and the destiny will find you :)) your question will be answered by then

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