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Since I had to remove the Wilhelm/Baynes translation from the free online I Ching here, I’ve had several people ask after it. I can’t restore it, but I can at least offer an alternative to good old Victorian James Legge.

So I’ve just added excerpts from my own upcoming I Ching to the free reading. Not the whole book – not wanting to make it completely unnecessary for people to buy it before it’s even published… – but all the translated text (Oracle, Image, Sequence, Pairs and lines) is there, and so too are excerpts from my interpretation/ commentary: I included the ‘key questions’ that I find Yi might be asking you with each hexagram, and the commentary on the Oracle.

The Flash I Ching had to disappear altogether, as it contained nothing but the Wilhelm/Baynes translation. But it will soon be back in a new incarnation using the ‘Barrett’ version.

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