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Mountain above: Hexagrams 22 and 23

Mountain above: Hexagrams 22 and 23
This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Mountain above

I talked in a previous post about gen, mountain, as the outer trigram of Hexagrams 4 and 18. There, it ‘nurtures de‘, with a dual obstructing and protecting function that feels something like mentorship. The next appearances of mountain outside come in the 20s, a series of hexagram pairs with inner thunder, outer mountain. Hexagram… Continue Reading

Staying connected

Staying connected

Divination means we’re connected. It demonstrates that there’s no such thing as ‘isolation’: the cosmos has 100% uptime. You can toss three coins six times, any time, to experience its absolute connectivity. Yi’s connection works, as it always has, through imagery. It doesn’t just talk (though it certainly does that, too): it shows. Imagery is… Continue Reading

One way Yi helps

One way Yi helps
This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series How Yi helps

One of the good things about our little rented home has always been the thick shield of trees that stands between us and the road. Great glossy green laurels, disappearing in late spring under huge white blossoms, blanketing the whole house in heavy scent. The slender, fragile-looking deciduous tree with delicate perfumed white flowers later… Continue Reading

Not robbers, but marital allies

Not robbers, but marital allies

Things that come in threes One of many things about Yi that I first became aware of when Scott Davis pointed it out: there’s a tendency for motifs to occur three times. (He gives the example of whether words are trusted – not in 43.4, not in 47 – not until 49.3, when words of… Continue Reading

Accidental Yijing commentaries

These are something I can’t write – I can’t help seeing the world through ‘hexagram glasses’ – but I love coming across them: articles about other things that just happen to be really excellent hexagram commentaries. Havi Brooks has been writing some very nice inadvertent Yijing things lately, even to the point of accidentally writing… Continue Reading

Earth reading

After a week of ‘Nearing Earth’ (19.1.2 to 2, my personal reading for the week), I’m very happy to find this Samhain full moon reading from Peter at Fireraven tarot Continue Reading

An idea about Hexagram 22

Hexagram 21 is Biting Through; Hexagram 22 is Beauty – only I tend to think of it these days more as Making Beautiful. (In much the same way, Hexagram 13 seems to be more to do with ‘creating harmony between people’ than just finding it already there, a fait accompli.) So you Bite Through obstacles… Continue Reading

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