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Clarity and the flying bird

Clarity and the flying bird
This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Two-line relationships

I’ve written before about looking at groups of changing lines, and seeing how they point towards their changed hexagram – just as a single line would do. (I’ve just added all those posts to a series, so you can find them all easily.) Here’s another for the collection: Hexagram 62, Small Exceeding, changing at lines… Continue Reading

Additive hexagrams?

OK, here’s the off-the-wall idea for the day. What if you could add two hexagrams together? Not changing lines to move from one hexagram to another, but ‘adding’ them, on the basis that yin + yin = yin, but yang + yin = yang, because you imagine the yang line ‘filling’ the empty yin space.… Continue Reading

Inner truth and crossing over

One of the fascinating things about the structure of the Yijing is the way one hexagram in a pair (an odd-numbered hexagram with the even-numbered one that follows it, that is) can point to the other. It might contain it, or imply it, or give you a different perspective on it, like looking at the… Continue Reading

What is the bird’s message?

The Judgement of Hexagram 62 reads: ‘Small overstepping, creating success. Harvest in constancy. Allows small works, does not allow great works. Flying bird calls as it leaves: The above is not right, below is right. Great good fortune.’ The flying bird brings a message; this is something that birds do, in old Europe just as… Continue Reading

Asking the wrong question about confidence

When I asked people their biggest challenge in working with the I Ching, so many said, in one form of words or another, that it had to do with confidence. Forming a question, casting a hexagram, even coming up with intelligent interpretations of the answer – these things might take some practice, but they flow… Continue Reading

Hexagram 62 – a big transition in small steps

I’ve just added a full-length article on hexagram 62 to the ‘hexagrams’ page. I’ve tried to take guo in its simplest sense, of ‘stepping across a line’, and explore what it means to do this in a small way. It seems to me to be very difficult: it’s one thing to embark on a transition… Continue Reading

Half-baked lunatic idea

I’ve been reading in Kindred Spirit magazine about the evidence (not sure if I need inverted commas there) for an inter-life experience. Lots of people under regression hypnosis (with different therapists) report very similar experiences of a place they go between lives. While there, they review their past life, rejoin with their soul group, and… Continue Reading

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