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June 18th, 2005, 08:34 AM
Anyone? I've read so many different ideas...and I still don't have a feeling for the hexagram.

June 18th, 2005, 12:04 PM
Looking at it from a universals position:

In the binary sequence 54 pairs with 38. It covers initial outbursts of energy - the usual analogy being to have to grow up really quickly or else put too much energy into something that runs out of puff quickly - often due to external pressures outside of one's control - it reflects being immature as compared to its structural opposite - 53 - which is about maturing.

54 is unconditional in its nature, 38 is conditional.

If we look at 54s spectrum we can discern such information as:

(1) its skeletal form is described by analogy to characteristics of hexagram 64 (there is a focus on making mistakes, but also a focus on remaining open, avoid closure)

(2) Its beginnings are described by analogy to characteristics of hexagram 40; a focus on loose structure, loosening structure (gets into tension release etc), casualness as compared to the rigidity of 37.

(3) Its 'ending', its sense of completion, is described by analogy to hexagram 28 - excess, going the extra distance.

(4) From the outside its look is described by analogy to hexagram 50 - transformation, the raw being cooked.

(5) Inside is described more by hexagram 03 - difficult beginnings, sprouting (and so the association to being 'immature', the young maiden nervous as hell inside, all dressed up outside! etc)

For the summary of all of the spectrum see the line position information in:



June 18th, 2005, 12:30 PM
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June 18th, 2005, 01:57 PM
Only in 54 line 5 will the kundalini rise.. But in her heart of hearts, she will not desire the husband. She will accept the marriage because she is mature enough to understand this.

June 18th, 2005, 02:48 PM
and I still don't have a feeling for the hexagram

by the 'bubble approach', the bubble image i have is - endure your situation until it ends.

June 18th, 2005, 03:48 PM
Shortsightedness, jumping to conclusions, impatience, the beginning and end of humanity.
This from Rebecca West:
"If the whole human race lay in one grave, the epitaph on its headstone might well be:
'It seemed a good idea at the time.'"

June 18th, 2005, 04:21 PM
This hexagram is NOT negative nore positive - it is CONTEXT that asserts that bias.

Move down to the basics and we have a expansive bonding, sharing space with another/others, WITHIN which is operating a text of expansive binding, to share TIME with another/others.

The expansion focus means moving outwards, dealing with, interacting with, the outside etc.

the bottom trigram elicits a sense of being observed, the presence of an audience (be it of yourself or others - self-reflection literally and figuratively) in which is operating the top trigram - a TEMPORAL perspective where that perspective is 'new', is a 'beginning' of awareness of 'something'.

There is as such a generic sense of 'youth' as well as observation, reflecting etc. Note that BONDING trigrams contain notions of a REPRESENTATION of something rather than the thing itself.

Move into the spectrum analysis and you get finer details - where these details are not speculative, they are hard-coded into the hexagram - a propert of the method used to create all of the hexagrams.

In doing so we flesh-out the sense of premature expression of energy ('new', 'sudden' etc) but that expression is either intentional but immature or a matter of cicumstance - it is not 'your fault' that you have to grow up 'quickly' (the analogy being to a marrying maiden etc) and so you do the best you can.

The basic form, the 'building with no furnishings' is covered in the analogy to 64 - where we see (a) a sense of making errors, getting a sequence incorrect, but also (b) a sense of remaining open, avoid closure, closure would be 'premature'.

The latter covers the situation where the things are not one's fault - it is all a matter of circumstance. In those situations you cannot 'close', you need to remain open and so 'learn on the run' so to speak.

IOW we cover BOTH negative and positive in that at this level of analysis we are covering the universal form, the full spectrum form covering the hexagram as a potential, a universal in need of a ground, a local context to express itself.

IOW the universal format has a wider scope than the traditional where there is often a more negative bias in the intepretation.

Since lake is associated with bonding and representations of passion etc, so in passion 54 reflects the intense moments of a new relationship that will eventually go nowhere - it also reflects a tornado, lots of energy, intense, destructive, but inevitably 'all wind'.

As I suggested earlier, review the spectrum details - use the whole of the IC to aid in understanding each hexagram since it is all linked together! ;-)

If you ask all of us you will get 'ad-hoc' comments depnding on our current emotional/cognitive states etc and in doing so can miss some vital point that can makes sense of it all. The spectrum is GENERAL but it is the 'full spectrum' for 54. The 'finer' details, your LOCAL preferences, then ground all of that for you and THEN local nuances from us can refine things further (or not! ;-))



June 18th, 2005, 05:10 PM
BTW - if you go to the link for 54 now you will find most of my comments above in there as now part of the 'general commentary' (http://www.iimetro.com.au/~lofting/myweb/lofting/x001011.html ) - What I am being is being 'lazy' and 'spontaneous' - I need to add comments the these 'x' pages and so when someone asks a general question re hexagram X I comment (in detail) and then add that text to the related page. Its either that or spending some time doing it all in one go and I think that will be too 'rigid' - could get monotonous etc so I am trying this method for now (the old material is still there, just click on the hexagram symbol to get to it, and the same for coming from the old to the 'x' pages).


June 19th, 2005, 01:46 AM
I see hexagram 54 as indicating some kind of disadvantage. But it is NOT necessarily a position that is dis-advantageous.

Maybe this could be interpreted as a time of yin influence. One may be kind of powerless to make things happen, and needs to submit, lest one's actions be rash and premature.

It is about "converting the maiden".....a time when the young, rash exuberance of "maidenhood" submits to being tempered and shaped by forces acting upon it......the process of maturity and realizing that everything can not be adjusted to our personal wants/needs.

In line one, the subject can advance cautiously because the surrounding yang influences are helpful.

in line 2, the subject realizes that to stay in the backgound is in fact a good thing for now. You know that you dont know.

Line 3 speaks of the consequences of acting too rashly and expectations are not fulfilled.

line 4 is the pearl in the oyster line, (IMHO) one submits to the time and waits with patience, and eventually finds the opportunity sought.

line 5 is the subject who has found that to stay in the background has its own kind of "power." Satisfied with who you are, you can let others shine or take the lead and you have no need to show off or be in the lime light. Maybe you are the wind beneath someone else's wings.

And line 6 is the ultimate folly of trying to do something before you are ready or before you have what it takes. Its all much ado about nothing. There is, or will be, no real value in your actions. You are, or would be, simply " going through the motions".

June 20th, 2005, 02:19 AM
It is about "converting the maiden".....a time when the young, rash exuberance of "maidenhood" submits to being tempered and shaped by forces acting upon it......the process of maturity and realizing that everything can not be adjusted to our personal wants/needs.

Don't miss this line, Clarissa. http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/I_Ching_community/clipart/blush.gif

June 20th, 2005, 02:33 AM
There is a gift in 54, in the form of lesson learnt. Do not try to short-circuit the process.

Accepting the process rids you of potential future mistakes.
Fighting/Skipping the process invites greater faults down the road.

Don't learn through the hard way. http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/I_Ching_community/clipart/happy.gif

June 20th, 2005, 04:45 AM
Since 54 represents the high expenditure of energy that can 'dissipate' so it also covers the surrender of the spirit where one's life ends with that surrender, and so an association to 'death'.

Interestingly Harmen's focus on the "Palaces" as described at the end of Wilhelm's text as "Houses" forms into an 8 x 8 matrix that is extendable into a 64-hexagram sequence. If that was derived recursively then the focus is on the logic of relationships of the 01/54 pair applied across the eight octets. In Harmen's work that fleshes-out that material so 54 is associated with death.

As such 01 can represent the aquisition of spirit, 54 its loss. For each pair so 01 is to 44, locally, as 01 is to 54 globally etc.

That said, from the XOR perspective, the octets are all generated by taking pure hexagrams and XORing each with this set of hexagrams:

02, 24, 19, 11, 34, 23, 05, 08

Implicit here is for each 'pure' form we derive: (a) the qualities in development using single line development 'up' the hexagram but staying WITHIN the house/palace (and so NOT changing the top line). (b) the generic qualities of the pure form as expanding (7th position) vs contracting (8th position)

June 20th, 2005, 08:35 AM
<font size="-2">Since 54 represents the high expenditure of energy that can &#39;dissipate&#39; so it also covers the surrender of the spirit where one&#39;s life ends with that surrender, and so an association to &#39;death&#39;.</font>

A kind of negative entropy?
Such as the exhaustion of bad karma via a spirit of surrender. http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/I_Ching_community/clipart/zen2.gif

June 20th, 2005, 08:48 AM
... and a new spirit will be born out of the death of the old.

July 3rd, 2005, 12:31 PM
There is a side to 54 which I like a lot: coming to the place where you belong.
Of course that includes restrictions and it means you have to adapt, but that will be small compared to the big rest and happiness you also find.
The maiden &#39;returns&#39;, she comes to the place where she originally is, or feels, at home. &#39;Her&#39; home.


July 3rd, 2005, 02:17 PM
If life is a journey, 54 is a safe haven. But not necessarily comfortable.

A foul mood is made sweet through submission to circumstance. Things always change. I may have to live with her, but thank God she is not my eternal wife!