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Getting help with interpretation...



I am new at this and would like a little help with an interpretation.
The question I asked was a simple one, should I continue with an ongoing relationship.
The hexagrams I received were 7 to 29.
Any comments??


Apr 8, 1970
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Hi Acornhill,

Welcome and thank you for joining us!

I suppose the first thing to say is that really, the reading exchange section of this forum is the Friends' Area. But in practice we don't usually seem to be very organised...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but these hexagrams don't make this sound like a very enjoyable relationship. Hexagram 7, the Army, is like an ongoing campaign, potentially rewarding but hard work; Hexagram 29 suggests it feels like plunging into dark places, not knowing where you will end up - continually making leaps of faith.

The moving line - 7, line 5 - is a difficult one. Reading through different translators and commentators, it seems that no two of them have the same idea what it means.

To begin with, there's 'game in the field': it certainly looks as though there is something to be gained from pursuing your original aim of making a success of this. Then 'harvest in laying hold words. No mistake.' I think this means that it is good to discuss the next step, not just to rush in in pursuit. That means reflecting on it yourself, maybe also discussing with the other person whether you are getting anywhere.

Then it gets really enigmatic: 'the eldest son leads the army, the youngest son carries the corpse. Constancy, misfortune.' This seems to be a reference to an important and ultimately successful battle to change the status quo, in which the leaders of the Zhou rebels carried their father's corpse into battle, as a way of bringing his spirit and power with them.

This bizarre ancient image translates in modern terms into carrying past inspirations and ideals into present battles. Will this actually strengthen you, or are you just carrying a dead weight? It worked for the Zhou, but those were exceptional times. Carrying on doggedly pursuing the same goal, aiming to carry it through regardless of present realities - this leads you into a trap.

As it stands, this reading sounds like a pretty definite 'no', to me at any rate. (Anyone else?) It does just make me wonder, though, whether the relationship can be changed.

I hope this helps!


I was about to respond to Acornhill's question. After reading Hilary's response (very inspirational!), I have a little to add, which might prove helpful.

One thing you might consider is that the eldest son leads. The youngest takes care of the chores, carrying corpses. This would imply assigning your decision to the mature and capable within yourself. The whole hexagram speaks of discipline.

#29 supports this effort and responsibility by carrying on the business of teaching. (Let the eldest son teach?) There's danger in recklessly plunging ahead, but yet its important to remain true to your nature. If you assign the danger to one within yourself who is capable of leading - good fortune comes from it, though possibly not in the form you may have expected it.

Usually readings are done in the Friend's Area, by the way. Hilary is really working on not making a fuss of it. A New Year's resolution, perhaps?
A demonstration of 15, I think.

Take care,


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Sep 15, 1970
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In this line it says 'misfortune'. I think carrying the corpse was fine when it was absolutely necessary - but never do it when this necessity is not present. The third line is more severe, but it changes to 46.3, where the ascent is into an empty city: certainly no need for joggling corpses around.
Here it just says it should not be done all the time, or maybe not always in the same way. Let circumstances decide the right course of action.

To me it sounds a bit like making use of the opportunities which are present, but not to commit oneself too much.



Jun 19, 1970
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I'm glad that line has come up for scrutiny. I have never been able to make any sense of it whatsoever. Amazing image, carrying the fathers corpse into battle to bring his spirit in !


I will move to the Friends area before making any comments.
I have to say though that what you all have seen is both shocking and amazing.

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