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After seven year relationship. The ex and I have been apart for over a year. During our conversation today he reminded me that The separation is my fault. And that he shouldn’t I’ve even put up with my behavior for as long as he did. He’s always been that way shifting blame. It was such an emotional conversation I can’t remember what else we talked about. But after I hung up I casted “ what do I need to understand about this ““
Question What do I need to understand about this

家人 The Family (The Clan) (37)

The perseverance of the woman furthers.

The Family symbolizes correct relationships between people—the family unit, the spiritual family (the Sage and the student), and human groups generally. When these most basic relationships are correct, the world is made correct. These relationships are made correct through the force of inner truth, through cultivation of the feminine component of our nature, and through persevering in a virtually menial position (from our ego’s viewpoint) so that our work can come to fruition. All this means to forgo striving and self-assertion, and to allow ourself to be led, while persevering in gentleness and devotion to our path.

First Line

Firm seclusion within the family.

Our work is straight before us, not somewhere else. Training people around us requires first that we be consistent and correct within ourself. We owe it to those for whom we are responsible to respond correctly to their egos (their temper tantrums and other spoiled demands) by inner withdrawal, If on one occasion we are lenient with a child who marks the furniture, can we blame it for doing this at another time? If we have spoiled someone by yielding to their wrong demands, we can only "break the child's will," first through correcting our own lack of discipline, and then correcting them through not engaging with their ego.

Sixth Line

His work commands respect.

It is only through developing our character that we can influence others and create order in life. The power of inner truth lies in a firm sense of values that we are unwilling to compromise. Such a person, without second thought, takes responsibility because he sees what the time needs and responds to it. When his work is finished, he goes forward, not dwelling on his accomplishments. Thus, his work commands respect.

蹇 Obstruction (39)

It furthers one to see the great man.

When people commit injustices we tend to develop a mental image of them as "hopeless." We also rationalize that even if they were to change, it would not be in time to make any difference for us. Such images, presented by our ego, obstruct the correct view. We must try to see the great-man-potential in all people, malefactors or whatever, in order to keep a "just and moderate view of all mankind." By keeping our minds open, we give others the space to change. If we can do this, not to produce a beneficial result for ourself, but because it is correct, we will have a beneficial effect for ourself, nonetheless. Could somebody please help me put this in perspective


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May 29, 2006
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I think what you need to understand now is that you have just started three new threads on the same topic in the last 10 minutes ! You are aware of this presumably.

You also need to know it is important to go back to previous threads where you have received replies before starting new ones.


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Apr 26, 2021
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37.1.6 > 39

I think this is saying you’ve already moved through the period of being with this person and now this path is blocked. It’s time to go another way, which probably means moving on.


Feb 6, 2021
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What do I need to understand about this - 37.1,6 > 39

Line 37.1 reads, "you guard the home. Toubles disappear." (based on trans. by Field)

Line 37.6, "There will be terror-stricken captives. (But) In the end there will be good fortune."

While this sound like a completely unpleasant converstation, he has certainly made himself clear. I think the Yi confirms and echos this: you are perhaps shocked (or 'terror-stricken') by what he has said, but it's now clear: you need to look to taking care of yourself (to guard the home). If he had been a bit nicer, you might still be considering working things out - even if just as friends - but you are (thankfully) way past that now.

Hex. 39 is called 'Stumbling' and it says, in part "South and west are good; north and east are not. It is time to see the great one. Good fortune."

I see this as a confirmation - there are still decisions to be made; you may stumble from time to time, and you may need wise counsel from someone or ones, but you are on the right path.

I see the trigrams (3-line figures) confirming this: Hex. 37's lower trigram is Flame, changing to Mountain: here your focus needs to be on home and feeling safe (flame), and you'll need to stand on your own, and have (or gain) a sense of independence (mountain).

The upper trigram is Wind changing to Water: the relationship has changed; whereas before you might consider some possibilities with him (Wind), now you know that you need to stay focused on not getting swept up in his emotional assaults (the Abyss), and the blame he's trying to pile on you!

I hope that's of some use for you.

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