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Hexagram regarding former life


Jun 17, 1972
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i keep journals of my "lessons" and refer back to them periodically. normally, when i pose a question or ask for guidance, the first hexagram i receive will be describing the situation as it is currently with regard to national matters, concerning friends and family or even personal issues. the changing lines that give the second hexagram usually indicate the proper way to deal with or view the situation. mostly the answers to my questions are very clear and concise; leaving little or no doubt about proper actions or inaction. somehow, i inadvertently asked the same question twice. (something i don't do....well, you know why....i get the reprimand about not asking twice and being foolish.) that question was in regards to a past life. i believe the first time was either in 1994 or 1995, but i didn't date that entry so i'm not sure. the second time was sept. 9, 1997. the first time i received #28 with changing lines in first and second positions, which makes #49. the second time i received #28 with no changing lines. when i discovered what i had done i was completely amazed and at a total loss for interpretation. this is probably not a very important matter, but more a curiosity to me. i would like to hear what others may have to say about this. i would just like to add that most of my work with I Ching has been in the cultivating of my own character rather than "fortune-telling." thanks in advance for comments on this post.


Hello Ziegenfarm,

First, I don't believe for a second that the Yi admonishes not to ask a question a second time. Nor a third, fourth, or until hopelessly confused (hence the warning) or finally understanding. I'm hurt; you speak of being a fool as though it's a bad thing. (kidding)

Here's my impression. If you are going to probe such 'dark' and hidden areas as a past life, and you are relying on Yi for a conclusive answer, lines 1 and 2 says, 1) treat it gently 2) An older man takes a young wife. Is there any clue about this older man taking a young wife that tickles your intuitive funny-bone? It could be literal rather than symbolic. Symbolically, the only meaning I can think of is to say: take care of this life (the young wife), and leave the past be.

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