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the both sides of the relationship;14-35/55-39


Sep 19, 2008
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usually i need to know the other person's perspective about the situation and even i try to get a prediction about the future of the relationship from his side (not only from my point of view )...i get this way 2 readings about one future (or about a future which should be unique )...the i ching answers may be very different

do you use this kind of " investigation" to put an insight in the evolution of one relationship? it is correct? should i trust more the answer of the question asked ...in my name (me in my relationship to him ) thinking that the answer of the question asked in his name (he in his relationship to the person called by my name )speaks to me and only about me (possible explanation :i cannot 'trick' the i ching )

or this another question in his name gives accuratly an answer about the future seen by him (how i meant to be )??

i asked : " shall i be together with him (A. )"? 14 (1,2,3)-35
and "will A. be together with V.? "(that's my name ) 55 (1,4,5 )-39

how could i read the answers????


Jun 18, 2006
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i asked : " shall i be together with him (A. )"? 14 (1,2,3)-35
and "will A. be together with V.? "(that's my name ) 55 (1,4,5 )-39

The answer to both questions as they are the same, is that the potential is there if you both work together.


As you said, your objective was to gain insight into the future of the
relationship, "which should be unique". Of course the sage cannot be
tricked, still, the essence of your question is, your future from your
point of view, and also from his. I'll assume here that when you say
"shall we be together", you mean that you're already together, but
you're asking about if you'll remain together?

shall i be together with him (A. )? 14 (1,2,3)-35
You seem to value him a lot, you feel he's what you've been looking
for, that you two work well as a team, that you want to offer him
a lot, and that you want to see him a lot. You're hoping that with
all these elements, very soon things will go from good to better.

will A. be together with V.? (that's my name ) 55 (1,4,5 )-39
Line 55:1 is not a good one, if you are looking for something long
term. This relationship for him (and for both of you) seems to be
a very satisfying one, but from his point of view it is not something
which will last long-term. However, he will feel so comfortable with
you, while at the same time he feels threatened by some external
influence (ie something coming neither from you, or from him),
that he'll probably stay with you much longer than he had initially
anticipated, because he feels like hiding away with you. At some
point, a good external influence will appear to him. And the whole
situation results to a physical obstacle for him. 39, which means
road ahead blocked.

As these are points of view, perhaps events will not be like this,
however the way i see it is that you are envisioning a fulfilling and
easy future ahead, while he's envisioning a future where he'll stay
with you until something good comes to him from another quarter.
However, the good potential is there too, from both sides, so
wishing you that things will go well.


Sep 19, 2008
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thanks a lot for your interpretations

diamanda, at present we are not together as a couple (the point i was interested in my questions );the first question had been formulated some time ago, before the events which occured formely and made us a little much closer; i formulated the second (from his point of view ) these weeks because i was worried things didn't seem to move as fast as i wished (in the direction i wished or any one else )...

in conclusion, it is possible me and him be a couple (mergeing the 2 perspectives about the same objective future )? (willowfox is more optimistic )

i asked some time ago another question (trying to understand him and his interest in me and his evasive manner to approch me ):essentially what does A want from me, what does A want to get? 31(4,5)-15

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