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Nov 28, 1972
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I guess I had missplaced my posting at the wrong place. I am a new kid in the block so please excuse me if I do something wrong.

"First of all, I am newcomer to Clarity´s, and I salute everybody here who is in search of needed answers and knowledge in the quest for happiness in a warm, family,caring atmosphere that makes easy to open your soul.

I have been related to the I Ching for many years with sporadic consultations when the situation was well worth of a deep exloration beyond my level of understanding.

Now I am at a pivotal point in my life where my income,physical, emotional, existencial wellbeing requires making desitions and a clear view of what is going on and where is it taking me to.

In this sense I ask the I Ching 'what do I need to know now'?. Just an open question to get a general landscape. I got exagram 59 with a 9 above as changing line. My first reading is that I have to tame my instincts, and get out to meet the stream of life to start a project, maybe related to an audience or a public. This might involve to meet an inherent, atavic risk according the reference exagrame # 29, to be overcome by 'practice,train,(getting) accustom to danger'. In the Karchner version it goes forward to warn "Hold your heart fast. Do not let it fall apart".

The resulting advise as I preceive the exagrams involve a range of possibilities going from leaving my seclusion in the Finnish forests to reincert into the public life, to accomplish some kind of expertise in punctual health aspects,either to sink enterely into a risk I don´t know what face it has, or make a dramatic change in my life set up. I wonder also if this reach out is something even possible through the Internet.

At this point I still have such a bouquet of interpretations that I had to ask again to the I Ching:'What are them the actions I have to perform in my daily life to apply the knowledge you taught me with Ex. 59, 9 on top, ref.Ex 29' Now it started to become even more criptic because I got as answer Ex. 54, 9 on 2nd, with Ref Exg. 51.

And here it comes this Ex 54 pointing to one of the central themes nurturing my expectations in terms the Ex 54 surprisingly urges to 'Act through the woman and the yin' at a stage where a life companion has been at the core of my circumstances. Maybe I am too obvious at identifying mecaniccally this Yin energy with the woman I am longing to meet and cherish.

Could some one iluminate me with his/her precious time and good will to bring me more insight into this crucial matter ?

Thank you so much !!



Dec 9, 1971
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Ciao Oniro,

maybe it's better to post in Friends' aera.

Hex 59 generally speaks about disolution of stiffen / hardened things/ situations (indurated heart?). This happens through solidarity or community of feelings. This could be a religious feast which units the souls and overcome the barriers between the isolated human beeings. For example the famous celebrations with Peyotl have this aim. Another way to overcome the barriers is to work together to master a danger (to cross the great water). A kind of catharsis through the experience to be part of a group.

The sixth line: Dissolution of blood. Wilhelm says it means to prevent blood and wounds by going away before the danger will be established. Not only to act for yourself BUT to save also your people of the danger.
Your people may mean also some parts of you.

Hex 29: The danger will come again, but with thoroughness you can overcome the danger.
"If you are sincere, you have success in your heart, and whatever you do succeeds." It needs courage to follow the way indicated in Hex 59.

Why is a caribean-mediterranean soul living in the dark finnish woods? Self-Isolation?

Hex 54.2: Maybe very simple - a woman had left you alone? Therefore Hex 51: The Shock (deep affect / violent emotion). But this "Shock brings success".

A first and very approximate interpretation.

I hope there are not to much mosquitos in your black forest. I imagine you are living near a clear lake?


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