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    tali Guest

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    I'm really thankful to be a part of this forum, as sometimes I find
    the answers that I get from the oracle indecipherable.

    I asked: What is the benefit/point of me doing X?

    I searched everywhere, could not find anything...Here I'm truly lost

    What can this mean?

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    Default Retreat from Action

    Quote Originally Posted by tali View Post
    I asked: What is the benefit/point of me doing X?
    Generally, you retreat in order to advance later. You are trying to be active now, but (Line 1) there is no use in having a direction to go. While retreating, you may hold on firmly to what is referenced in Line 2.


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    tali Guest


    Tiger, thanks a lot, but it's still cryptic for me...

    Can't advance now, but can later? X in my question stands for continue living...So what is the answer?

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    Hi tali, the way this sounds to me,

    33:1 speaks of someone in danger, who is reluctant to withdraw, hence
    the advice not to take action. 33:2 speaks of someone tied to something
    or someone very tightly and hence can't retreat. And resulting hexagram
    1, sunrise, new beginnings, rebooting, fresh start, possibilities of all sorts.

    To your question then, both from the answer, and from what you're saying,
    it sounds like what you truly want is not to retreat, but to have hope and
    new opportunities (sorry if i'm stating the obvious here, i mention it to
    explain how i see the lines in this case). There are definitely strong bonds
    with things/people in your life, and the resulting 1 is very hopeful for the

    It does sound like you're going through lots of very tangible difficulties,
    and there's a limit to patience that's for sure, however it sounds to me
    like there will be better times ahead - you're already doing your best to
    analyse the situation and examine all options, so that's proactive in
    itself and shows determination and a wish to have a better life rather
    than give up. 'Doesn't want to retreat', 'can't retreat', and that's ok as
    there's a whole lot of possibilities ahead - my best wishes for things
    to start looking up for you soon!

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    tali Guest


    Hi Diamanda!

    Thanks a lot for your interpretation. In fact, I was secretely hooping you would answer my post.
    I really like your I ching translations. Yes, it makes sense, someone or something will keep me alive.
    May be thats what i ching is saying. Thank you for your kind words!


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