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Thread: 50.5>44 need help with pls

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    Default 50.5>44 and 39.5>15 need help with pls

    Hello all!

    I spoke with a friend earlier this week to perhaps meet up tomorrow but haven't been able to reach the other person since then. My last communication (a few days ago) went unanswered, which felt out of character--more often than not, my friend answers pretty quickly. I asked:
    show me clearly why I've not heard from X:
    Meeting with able helpers to cook up something good, under a strong influence?

    and then
    what if I contact X to see what's up:
    which I read as friends are coming to help with the obstruction.
    Thank you for your enlightened views
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    Quote Originally Posted by literunner View Post

    what if I contact X to see what's up:
    Now isn't this the most sensible solution? So, if you don't get through the first time try, try again until you do, then the puzzle will at last be solved. Its either a phone call or a knock on their door.

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