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    Dear all,

    I recently met again somebody from my past and spent amazing two weekends together.
    It looks like we had been in touch all these years; we've grown to be very similar people.
    I think i am intensely in love with him -and I am not one of those persons saying I love you to all the people I meet. He's moving further away, but within a still doable distance.
    We haven't discussed the details about our relationship and I am not so sure I wanna be on a long-distance relationship, but I'd like us to be together (why is so complicated!??)

    So, I asked the Iching "What should I know about this relationship"?

    and I got changing to 2.

    The general meaning is clear to me (don't ask too much, let it go) but I don't get the details of the picture.

    I am especially wondering about lines 4- 6. It's about having what I want but becoming obsessed with it?

    Thank you very much from a desperate heart.
    It has been one week since I left Paris. My body is aching so bad, as my soul.



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    Your answer seems to suggest not to worry, because after a period of time(not long) you will be back together again, of course there will be niggly problems but nothing insurmountable.

    Therefore, the need to hang in there and be Patient.


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