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Thread: Amendment to Translation Database Software

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    Default Amendment to Translation Database Software

    This thread is relevant to anyone who has downloaded my free Translation Database software prior to 21/6/10.
    I noticed earlier on today that I had inadvertently entered the wrong line text for 17.2 in my Translation Database software. I had somehow managed to repeat the text from the beginning line. I have created a patch to correct the line.

    If you want to download and install the file from the link below, you will see an Icon on your desktop called "Journal_Correction". Click the Icon to run. It will open with a screen asking you to enter the file path to the Translation Database stored on your machine. Just alter the default path in the box (it should be stored in documents/I Ching Translation Database/IChing_Translation_Database.accdr, but you will need to enter the full path like the default example) and then click the AMEND button. This updates and corrects the error in your software.

    Sorry this sounds a bit long winded, but please do let me know if you require any help.

    Here is the link to download the patch -


    Many thanks
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