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Thread: Standing with 43

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    Question Standing with 43

    Hello all,

    I need some objective insight into hexagram 43 no changing lines. I have had a few rough years culminating in this year being a real bear; I had a disgruntled fellow employee steal items and money that I was responsible for along with sabotaging my computer and various other operations and I was hit by a car. All along I have been doing my intentions for a happy, healthy, wealthy, safe and fulfilling life, obviously to no avail. When I ask the iching if my intentions will work it gives me seemingly encouraging answers but nothing manifests. Then when I ask again I get a negative answer. After getting a negative answer from a rune casting, obstruction, loss, etc., I just thought "This is it for me. Things will never get better, I will just go on having negative things happen to me, I will just get older and worse off without any help, there is no point in even thinking that my life will improve." It was like a dash of cold water. After a while, I asked the Iching "Really, what can I do to have a good life!" I got hexagram 43 no changing lines.
    I didn't understand if it meant I should eliminate the false hopes or thinking nothing is going to work, so the next day I tried something I had read about; thinking of a question you want answered with your eyes closed and when you open your eyes the first thing you focus on is the answer. I was on the bus and when I opened my eyes I saw the reflection in the window of a woman talking on the phone. I didn't see any answer in that until I noticed she was standing, even though there were many empty seats, even one right beside her. Ok, so I should stand even though it isn't comfortable or even unneccessary, but should I stand for something or against something?
    I didn't want to ask that question because I would be confused as to if it was for or against, so I asked "Why do I need to stand up?" and I got 47.2.5 changing to 16. Oppression I understand, I have gotten that one a lot, but what is it that is oppressing me?
    I have had a lot of little negative things happening to me in addition to the big ones that add up to make me feel like I am just under a dark cloud, but I keep doing my positive intentions. However, it seems that every time I do my intentions, more negative things happen. I've meditated on loving myself and filling myself with light to offset any hidden self sabotage, but apparently that isn't working.
    Just some insight, is the iching saying I should stand for or against something, what is oppressing me and what is it telling me to do for a positive outcome.

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    Hi Missann,
    Yikes--it sounds like you've had more than your share! Before I comment on 43, I want to say something out about the "negative" answers you've been receiving. In my experience the answers the I Ching gives can be interpreted positively or negatively. Sometimes, it's my own perception that colors the answer--I cannot always clearly see the message when I am really attached to an issue. I also occasionally find that the I Ching, no matter what I am asking, simply reflects my own feelings at the time on the matter--so not the higher self giving advice, but a mirror on what I am feeling at the moment. All of this is to say, have heart--things may be improving already and you cannot see it.

    On to 43 unchanging. "Standing" seems apt here. For me, 43 is about speaking your truth, no matter the consequences, but I can easily see how it connects to standing up for oneself. The hexagram also denotes a clear decision, a kind of making a break with someone, or something and moving forward towards a specific and different goal. I think of it relating a bit to the Judgment tarot card. You need to make a decision. And all decisions mean leaving something else behind.

    My instinct is to tell you that the thing you need to leave behind is the belief that your life is fraught with negative experiences. You mention that you are meditating on positive things, but if you really believe that you are doomed, then those positive meditations are little more than window dressing. To me, your reading implies a wholesale shift in your thinking. Just refusing to honor any of those negative impulses when they arise. And your second reading seems to suggest that too. I would definitely read and reread LiSe's interpretation of hexagram 47 and the lines you received. And then write them down and keep a copy on you to pull out when those negative thoughts start creeping in.

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    "what can I do to have a good life!" Hexagram 43 no changing lines.

    Following is the story LISE tells about 43.

    In China the flooding of the Yellow River was a big issue. It happend many times, and millions drowned.
    It has a habit of taking the loose soil along and then depositing it elsewhere, that way making a kind of dikes along its borders. Now and then the water would be so high or so wild, that these dikes broke through. With disastrous result.

    In the time of Yu the Great one of this floods happened. Or maybe more than one. He got everyone together to get the water away again. There was not that much land, and lots of people even back then, so they needed the land. And most of all, they did not want to get drowned. He dug canals, and worked so hard that he ruined his own health. He could hardly walk anymore.

    I think hexagram .... 43 (is) about the dike breaking through. And by extension about everything which can be compared/connected in one way or another to a breakthrough and everything which happens then.

    It has to be dealt with from out a central place, not everyone doing something at random. ...

    Many people hated him for what he did, he had to reorganize the distribution of the fields, often dig right through properties in order to make the water flow away again, ... So they cursed him, even though he had worked so much himself as well

    This story can be found at: http://www.yijing.nl/i_ching/hex_33-48/43-44.htm


    Perhaps, you need to work, like you have never worked before, to stop or lessen the tide of negative thought. In my opinion, this isn't about "doing my intentions for a happy, healthy, wealthy, safe and fulfilling life" (although this can be helpful in terms of direction). "What can I do" is your question, and possibly your answer. Doing. Deciding to do. You have to do, do what needs to be done. All of those yang lines, with little resistance; lots of power here, forward momentum. Decide, and do.

    But, here might be the rub. Hatcher 43 talks about "a cherished illusion, some nasty old habit, the next in a long line of last weaknesses, a thing that we thought we would want more". Hatcher (43) continues with "troubles are most effectively banished by clear definition, not by obsessive behaviour" and " Some resolutions are made with great force and commitment, but the word refers to a crisp and clear light, and to putting things where they belong".

    A decision. Do what needs to be done, BUT be sure it will lead you to a **good** life, and not to the illusion of a good life. Loss, obstacles, incident ... this is just life. Good and bad is what YOU make of it. So, I might be cautious of my definition of "the good life". A bad life might be one decision away from a good life. Ok. Another decision.

    In the end, the universe is conspiring in your favour, so I also might consider Hatcher(43) statement of "the young noble makes less of himself, not taking this all so personally".

    Hopefully this is helpful.
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    Wow, thank you jani and ace for your insights. I do think there is much truth to what you are saying about a break or breakthrough.

    However, about the negative thoughts, like Woody Allen said "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you." I wasn't thinking negative until these things kept happening back to back, then I began thinking that this isn't normal. Why would I attract the total opposite of what I was focusing on?

    The reason I was really hurt (emotionally) by getting hit was I felt as if I was hoodwinked by the universe. In the months prior to the accident I had feeling a "flow". It seemed that outside events were in tune with my positive intentions. I asked the universe if the tide had turned, could I have a sign of my breakthrough. The sign I asked for was this; I had dropped a crystal that I carried in my pocket by the curb in the street on my way to work. Every day I would search among the debris and leaves to find it. As I crossed the street that day, I said that the sign of change would be my finding the crystal. I looked down at the curb at the same place I looked every day and it was right there in plain sight. I was elated!

    Then a few months later, the week after the disgruntled employee had wreaked havoc ( I should mention he wasn't really directing it at me, he was angry at our new supervisor, but he included me in his revenge because I didn't side with him against the new supervisor and as he said " some people are collateral damage") I get hit at the same curb where I found my crystal. Who wouldn't take any of that personally! I had other obstacle related to the accident, but here is another "hit", when I returned to work one co worker told me that once they found out I wasn't seriously hurt, they laughed about it. My family joked with me about the accident, calling me "unbreakable" after the Bruce Willis movie because I wasn't seriously injured, and I found that funny, but it was telling that no one at work ever said what they found so funny. Yes, I took that personally.

    Really the most important interpretation is of 47.2.5 to find out what is oppressing me. Can you give me insight into that?

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    May you find peace ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by missann View Post
    Why would I attract the total opposite of what I was focusing on?
    Because this happens in spiritual work.

    Quote Originally Posted by missann View Post
    Then a few months later...I get hit at the same curb where I found my crystal. Who wouldn't take any of that personally!
    You're right. Who wouldn't take that personally?

    Quote Originally Posted by missann View Post
    My family joked with me about the accident, calling me "unbreakable" after the Bruce Willis movie because I wasn't seriously injured, and I found that funny, but it was telling that no one at work ever said what they found so funny. Yes, I took that personally.
    Well, yes, people can be heartless and cruel. Why pretend the people at your job are nice people? They are obviously not nice people.

    Quote Originally Posted by missann View Post
    Really the most important interpretation is of 47.2.5 to find out what is oppressing me. Can you give me insight into that?
    Seems you're stuck, even due to sitting down too much, as happens to most of us in sedentary jobs (47.2). Maybe eating too much and somewhat out of shape, too? People nowadays get 47.2 because of our typical modern lifestyle, working all the time in front of a computer.

    And you're also stranded on a very deep level, because the people who are supposed to be helping you are not helping you. Sometimes line 5 moving in hex 47 is the type of situation where you reach out to people, but nobody gets back to you. People you know who could make an important difference in your life are not helping you at all. But you are definitely urged to keep your spirits up and keep a good attitude towards them anyway.

    You must always feel that people don't understand you; that you're all alone with your struggles. The trick is to be releasing that negativity constantly.

    Hex 43 unchanging could be saying that the true struggle for you is within.

    I don't know what your spiritual practice is, but don't let the lack of consistent results deter you from it. It's one of our most common mistakes as human beings to think that we can control results if we put in a great effort. Isn't all hard work supposed to pay off? No, it doesn't work that way.

    I can say that the inconsistencies sometimes seem to be getting worse instead of getting better, and I think your frustration with this is implicit in your question. Just concentrate on working on the inconsistencies within yourself, and forget about what's wrong with the world and with people. Just keep ignoring or overlooking all this negative stuff you see coming at you now, and eventually the tide will turn.

    Also, it can be a mood we fall into, you know, thinking that we've been doing all this work on ourselves and it's not leading to happiness, fulfillment, or simply feeling glad. That's called disappointment --
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    ace and jani, I hope I didn't sound too defensive in my last reply, 47 does say that "words not believed" which I guess could mean trouble in communication!

    ginnie, you hit the nail on the head on most of your post, especially about being stranded on a deep level, and about those who should be helping me are not!

    All of what you all are saying does resonate with me, I know I have to constantly struggle against habitual negative feelings. I just don't want to pacify myself with "every thing is going to be fine" if the reality is that it is not, for whatever reason; so I reserve the notion that 43 may have meant that I should disabuse myself of the idea that I will have this fulfulling life. In that vein, maybe the standing woman meant I need to stand as a sort of "Stand up and take it". The only thing I don't get is 16.

    What do you think?

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    it's a healing crisis and things will get worst before getting better.
    joy will come softly, but cheer-up it will come
    Be not sad.
    Be like the sun at midday.

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    What can I do to have a good life?
    (Why am I having bad luck?)
    43 > 43

    ☱ ☱
    ☰ ☰

    Hexagram pictures: Plastron Presented

    The plastron revealed the spiritual state of the times.

    Overall judgment: You are having bad luck because you are not alert to negative influences (sha qi).


    Break-through. One must resolutely make the matter known
    At the court of the king.
    It must be announced truthfully. Danger.
    It is necessary to notify one's own city.
    It does not further to resort to arms.
    It furthers one to undertake something.

    You are missing danger signs in others and in traffic.

    The lake has risen up to heaven:
    The image of Break-through.
    Thus the superior man
    Dispenses riches downward
    And refrains from resting on his virtue.

    Intentions are no cure-all and are dangerous if practiced to the point of trance. You are not alert to environing threats. Physical activity (jogging, tennis, bowling, hiking, swimming -- not yoga) will help heighten your level of awareness.

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    Thank you gato, I needed that.

    pocossin, your assessment was very interesting, especially the traffic one. Actually, I was hit from behind in the crosswalk, but you better believe I am very cautious when crossing the street now!

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