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Thread: A gift of "Friendship" ?

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    Default A gift of "Friendship" ?

    How will the gift that i sent my friend (he has not received it yet though) affect our friendship?

    Hex 24, Returning CHANGING TO Hex 23, Stripping Away

    HEX 24
    __ __
    __ __
    __ __
    __ __
    __ __

    WHAT I GET FROM THE TWO ABOVE HEX IS OPPOSITE...You see, that is what i am confused about...Hex 24, Returning, shows me that a love is going to be rekindled or good for me and then just the opposite, Hex 23, Stripping away shows me that i have to abandon this idea????? Ha...which one is it? Maybe it means that I have to make way for a NEw Love? I get stumped there..
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________

    I then asked What is the possiblity for us to be friends again? Don't know if this is the same question only in a different form... but i got this answer:

    Hex 55, Abundance CHANGING TO Hex 62, Small Exceed

    HEX 55

    __ __
    __ __
    __ __

    At hex 55, Abundance - to me, enjoy this period as it is and not to think that this will last long? ahh and with Hex 62, Small Exceed...I should be happy with small accomplishments? At least i feel that as long as we are not "estrained" anymore, especially now, that i should be happy with that.

    am i too far from the truth? was there more? in my changing lines.??? Any and ALL HELP from the board will be so appreciated right now. He does not know that i will be in town next month.

    Namaste to you ALL!

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    I think the overall reading is telling you that you want to reignite the friendship badly, but your friend's attention is elsewhere.

    55 > 62 is telling you to be happy with your current bounty, whatever it is, and be satisfied with the fact that you've at least tried.

    55.1: the gift was definitely worth it. It made an impact, but don't expect a serious revolution in terms of your relationship with your friend. It's small beans, there is a lot more to do.

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    Default Hex 24 to Hex 23

    The first part of my reading....

    can you please give me some insight to this pertaining to my question please...anyone to help???

    thank you

    still unclear

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    Hexagram 24 as I know it, indicates someone returning to his/her natural path. Which would say to me that this person is on his own wavelength and what you knew in the past, or expect now, is being shut down -- or is about to be dismantled [hexagram 23]. If I had this reading for a relationship I'd think time was up, it's over, get back to my own business and look for somebody else, and he will be doing the same.

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    Default thank you

    thank you for that insight.....yes, that was what i was reading also.


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