Curious to get your opinions on this one...Here is a little background information: my boss who hired me three years ago got laid off as a result our group was merged with another and consequently, I have a new boss now. I feel like a step-child where I don't get as much support and direction from the new manager unlike the subordinates who have been working with her prior to the merger. So I asked Yi "What does she think of me?" and got 21.4>27. In addition, I also asked "What can I do to move my career ahead in my office?" and received 23.6>2. I believe the answer to the second question is pretty straightforward and positive. 23.6>2 advices to stay involved, be receptive and open minded, show my support with company initiatives. However, I am not clear about the answer I received for the first question regarding my boss. Any thoughts, ideas?
Your help is greatly apprecited regarding: "What does she (my boss) think of me?" 21.4>27.