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Thread: Will he contact me? 37.1.6>39

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    Default Will he contact me? 37.1.6>39

    Will he contact me before Wed night? (I am starting to worry that i came across as too cold or said smthing wrong in my last email to him, which included an attempt to be humorous...)


    I dont usually pose these sorts of yes/no questions to the Yi. So I am not sure if i should have done so and i'm also not sure quite how to interpret the answer.

    The changing lines are both fortunate, but 39 Limping is not... so I'm concerned with what that means.

    Fruitful to see great people.

    If he is a "great person" (and i would say so) then i should see him. but thats the basis of the question -- will he WANT to see me, is he going to contact me.


    Bc if not, i want a plan B, of when to contact him to keep the ball rolling...

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    What is he thinking? > 19

    line 2: the subject is so concerned to see justice done that he ‘cuts off his nose to spite his own face.’ OR the nose is hidden by the depth of the meat into which he has bitten, meaning that he loses sight of clemency in his pursuit of the wrong-doer. Again, however, it is worth remembering that cutting off a felon’s nose is a specific punishment. The verse makes it clear that, although this may be too severe a penalty, it is nevertheless without blame.

    Also "It is easy to discriminate between right and wrong in this case; it is like biting through tender meat. But one encounters a hardened sinner, and, aroused by anger, one goes a little too far. The disappearance of the nose in the course of the bite signifies that indignation blots out finer sensibility. However, there is not great harm in this, because the penalty as such is just.

    The nuclear trigram Ken means nose. This is a yielding line in a yielding place, and it rests on the hard nine at the beginning; hence it goes a little too far in punishment.-Wilhelm

    Who is the hardened sinner? Him? Me?

    Hillary wrote in a thread on this hexagram, "As 'biting through opposition' (it leads to 38), this seems like immersing yourself in a relationship regardless of differences, enjoying the immediate experience and not asking questions. And looking at the paired line, 22.5, it seems there is something to be said for not being too picky."

    also, "with/from problem-solving comes opposing/mirroring. The mirror aspect of 38 reflects (!) the use of such to hide behind. This itself can be considered deceitful and encourage more severe punishment than is needed for some deviation. IOW whilst hiding one makes a deviation that is detected but in that detection so is discovered the hiding.

    The line position is ruled by hexagram 07 and its focus on uniforming (look the same) as well as social hierarchy (we get 'orders' from without). Here the 38 reflects (!) a considered deceitful form of uniforming
    Uhhh... My last message to him was an attempt to mirror his message to me: Vague for vague. Now i am panicked that my response was inappropriate and should have been warmer. Is the Yi saying i'm justified in this? or am i way off base?

    line 4: It is advantageous to realize the difficulties, for perseverance brings good fortune.

    Also: "line position 4 is ruled by hex 16, and its focus on foresight/planning, and all with enthusiasm. The issue here is one can get too carried away and so wrapped up in details - the line position also maps to the minister and so ties to bureaucracy etc. and so technical issues covering definitions of 'deviation' etc can make one deviate from the core of the matter!

    the changing line focus is: with/from problem solving comes hungering (and the associated issues re quality control etc)"

    Not sure how this relates to the question. I am too wrapped up in details and long for an answer? Yes. Duh.

    Also for line 4 in the Exploring Divination thread: "finding the arrow could mean that someone else tried to kill the game animal before you did, and did not succeed. You however, succeeded, and get the meat. You also benefit from the efforts of the one who tried earlier - thus the idea of reward - something not *directly* related to one's effort, but received because of it from someone else - from another vector as it were...."

    This would imply i have caught him, or he's caught me but we're far from beign able to say that for sure yet. (?) what else can this line mean?

    line 6: Deaf to good counsel, the felon is locked in the great block of the cangue, ( neck block) which he must carry about his neck until his crime has been expiated. It may even be that he has suffered the severest punishment of having his ears cut off.

    also "Punitive judgment is appropriate when it is to protect the rights and safety of other people, and for that, sometimes inordinate restraint is required, i.e. line 6. I have no problem equating 21 with that. But, not every instance of 21 entails punitive judgment, or at least it shouldn't. Would 1/64th of Yi be dedicated to punishment? Not as I understand it. Life requires discipline and making tough decisions, times when procrastination won't "cut" it. That, I could understand 1/64th of Yi being dedicated to. Losing the clarity of line 5, one forges on, discontent, exceeding proper measure, and in doing so, lose their senses."

    I really cant see a meaning of line 6 as applies to my question... Life requires discipline..he is forging on and exceeding proper measure??

    Finally, Mike wrote this: "Many times when hex21 has come to me it's involved a 'superhuman' effort involving time (persistance) and will power (determination). The real change seems to come from within me rather than something external changing. [...]
    Deciding is about determining or having the power to determine an outcome. Perhaps if we haven't yet got the power to determine, then the shaman can help us to rediscover that power along with our own actions of biting through. A bit like a pincer movement one coming from each of the two worlds."

    I have to have willpower not to ask about this or not to expect to hear from him??

    Does 19 LITERALLY mean he will approach?

    Only this rings true in response to my initial fears about the last email I wrote him:

    Sometimes difficult problems and situations require a softer approach rather than a bullrush. Steadiness and moderation can conquer quick, gut reactions to problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth View Post
    Will he contact me before Wed night? (I am starting to worry that i came across as too cold or said smthing wrong in my last email to him, which included an attempt to be humorous...)

    37 is very often about our inner family.

    Line 1 is saying not to focus on issues that have no real relationship to the "here and now." Be clear, concise and stop the inner chatter. You're getting yourself in a state. Let things emerge.

    Line 6: Be the noble one even if you feel like tearing your hair out. You can set and example here by not pandering to all those inner "I"s that send you hurtling from one possibility to another. Deal with your inner family and try not to fret.

    If you find equilibrium within yourself then others can approach when they will and according to a natural resonance. But not if you're foaming at the mouth...
    "Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West and then seek." G.I.Gurdjieff

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    Hi Topal,

    Thanks for sharing your input. I am worried bc the events I am concerned about are dates (as in, meetings between a boy and a girl). And I need to know by Wednesday night if i'm doing something (on a "date") with him, and/or with the group, on Saturday. Our previous discussion had been end of last week when he suggested, since I could not make it, that we put it off until Oct. 2. I replied to that email on Friday. Ive heard nothing since. Him contacting me Thurs or Fri, and presuming I'm free on Oct.2, is bad form and (IMHO a bit disrespectful). I would expect the same from my girlfriends and do.

    The past two weeks I've always heard from him by Tuesday afternoon at the latest. It is now Wednesday 8am my time and not a message from him. And I'm very worried because I do fear either he changed his mind, doesnt want to see me, is sick, offended, or for some reason can't go. I have no idea which. And I do not want to pre-empt anything, bc that would be "chasing him". Which i refuse to do... I also have no idea if this Girl (the love triangle, or rectangle rather), the wife of his best friend, may have phoned him and saidsmthing that I'm busy or i dont want to go. (I haven't even spoken to her, but would not put it past her). It also occurred to me I may not hear from HIM today but from HER asking me to join them> I need to hear from HIM tho and am really unsure how to proceed of she contacts me...

    In short, I am concerned bc the signs are not looking good...
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    you got 37-> 39 and 21-> 19

    the to answer are related.. the Yi seams to answer to you in a linear way...

    well... first answer, I don't think that he will contact you... but is due some problem that are the real obstacle. 37...he seams that at time he is very cool about.. but when he will try to contact you he will encounter obstacle.

    second answer, he think that something must change... and if and when this will happen he'll come close to you.

    hope to help

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    Oh dear. My worst fears. I am hoping there is some mistake here...

    The only obstacle here (barring some interim issue like his car is broken or he is sick) is that this other woman has told him lies or is somehow preventing him from contacting me. Or she could have told him she'd contact me instead and purposely is not doing so. I put nothing past her at this point.

    Sadly there is nothing i can do but wait. I can't contact him.

    Patro -- do you have any experience with timing and the yi? A former poster on this forum, jesed, was very good at giving timelines on the hexagrams. Ie "he will contact you within 2 weeks" somehow could be calculated based on which hexagrams you receive. IF anyone has experience w/that, i'm interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patro View Post
    you got 37-> 39 and 21-> 19...
    well... first answer, I don't think that he will contact you... but is due some problem that are the real obstacle. 37...he seams that at time he is very cool about.. but when he will try to contact you he will encounter obstacle.

    second answer, he think that something must change... and if and when this will happen he'll come close to you.
    OK so i asked "What is the obstacle between us now?"

    It gave me an answer that seems to suggest there is no obstacle (??)

    line 2: ‘Withered willow sprouts a shoot, Venerable man gets a young wife. Nothing that does not bear fruit.’

    Hex 31 says Influence is what moves people, and how people are open and available to be moved – by emotion or inspiration, physical responses or visiting spirits. All these things touch, stir and attract us, drawing us into relationship. The Chinese character for ‘influence’ shows a mouth and a weapon: the influence goes deep, and makes us vulnerable.

    It is good to respond to the power of influence with constancy, steadying the motion it inspires and creating a place in your life to contain it. The man who ‘takes a woman’ in marriage brings her into his home and makes room for her there. Good fortune comes from this more feminine way of relating: being open and allowing space for new influences.""

    I have to be feminine and open -- but i have been. I've been WAITING for a message about this weekend. None came. Friends are advising me to write him...which to me seems on the one hand very NOT feminine -- it's proactive. On the other hand, it will give me a definitive answer.

    I am utterly confused as to what the *best route* is. I have to do something today or let this disappear into oblivion... If i wait longer than today it will be highly awkward to say anything.

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    the obstacle is/are some one external that must be influenced! it also could be a situation.

    the line is positive... but the line in this case is related to the question: obstacle between you and him...

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    Oh God, if it is an external person, I know *exactly* who it is.

    And I KNEW this would happen.

    (If its a situation, i have no clue -- but that would not worry me as much bc the situation will pass. This person isnt gonna leave him or me alone. She's going to keep trying to prevent our meetings. Darn it).

    IS THERE ANYTHING here that indicates I should take action??

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    'She's going to keep trying to prevent our meetings' in the end her actions will have a boomerang effect !

    There's not much you can do. Don't accept invitations from her. Don't contact him. Stay put, sit tight and relax.


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