Feeling numb today. challening time for me. Was trying to understand what is going on inside. when A question popped into my mind "where are you my dragon ?" and without thinking a lot gave an answer to myself. the dragon becomes more receptive( as in h2)

Asked Yi to give me an image of my feelings got >11 I only can chuckle at the moment seeing the pic of my reading and the upper trigram changing from Chien to Kun

haven't look and ponter on the changing lines yet but i felt to go to hex 11 and seek something that allways bring some peace in my heart. I couldn't find it although I was pretty sure have read it at hex 11's text. So I tryed to make an image of it. Googled cycles to find a image but came accross to this :


(J. Caldwell)
[Recorded July 24, 1968, New York]

So I'm down and so I'm out
But so are many others
So I feel like tryin' to hide
My head 'neath these covers
Life is like the seasons
After winter comes the spring
So I'll keep this smile awhile
And see what tomorrow brings

I've been told and I believe
That life is meant for livin'
And even when my chips are low
There's still some left for givin'
I've been many places
Maybe not as far as you
So I think I'll stay awhile
And see if some dreams come true

There isn't much that I have learned
Through all my foolish years
Except that life keeps runnin' in cycles
First there's laughter, then those tears

But I'll keep my head up high
Although I'm kinda tired
My gal just up and left last week
Friday I got fired
You know it's almost funny
But things can't get worse than now
So I'll keep on tryin' to sing
But please, just don't ask me how
Seemed a very > 11 song