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Thread: Hex 58 Line 4 - Insight

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    Default Hex 58 Line 4 - Insight

    A very amazing experience with the property deal I was offered recently with one buyer who'd already agreed to my price. I asked the Yi how my meeting with them would go and got Hex 58 line 4. What struck me as most apt was Karcher's interpretation -

    "Expressing yourself through bargaining and arguing. You have not yet reached an agreement. Rigorously guard against sudden emotional afflictions that would distort your judgment. This gives you cause to rejoice."

    Exactly what happened. They tried to lower the price and I left with a courteous no. I'm sure I'll have other offers soon. So hopefully I will rejoice. Just thought to give back a little here.

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    There is happiness (rejoicing) in recognizing the uncanny accuracy and synchronicity of the Yiching!

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    Amazingly Inasked almost the same question about a property deal - and got this reading ..... dry helpful indeed.


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