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    Hello there,

    For the first time i asked a why question, the question is "why hasn't he done this yet?" and if you wonder it is something someone has to do and it has got to do with technology and internet.

    He was supposed to do it almost two weeks ago but theres still nothing... can anyone help me... why?

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    Hum... not responding to your friend request on fb ... because he firmly (34) decided (43 -- nuclear) not to (2)?
    Sorry, not totally serious... I'm going to sleep, it's almost 2 a.M. here maybe tomorrow... But who knows, maybe there's some truth in it?
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    Oh you're a sweetheart, you made me laugh

    Yeah i wish it was that easy so i could just be like oh why didnt he but unfortunately i dont even have a facebook...

    Anyways, you have a good nights sleep, sleep tight and thanks for the midnight laugh again

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    I'm very old-school -- when you get four changing lines, the highest unchanging line rules:

    34.6 = A goat butts its head against a hedge. It cannot go backward. It cannot go forward. Nothing serves to further. If one notes the difficulty, this brings good fortune. ... We may have taken action (or have thought of doing so) which would put someone either at a disadvantage, or at an unfair advantage. We may expect or demand someone to do a thing because he 'ought to,' even though it would be wrong for him to heel to our ego-demand, or we may have become too interested in what is going on. All such actions and attitudes create obstacles and resistances. We correct such errors by withdrawing from the obstinate use of power.
    After using our power wrongly we should be prepared to persevere while an eclipse in our relationship runs its course. ... We should go on, keeping ourselves perseveringly detached. Once we have corrected our attitude we should leave the matter behind, as if nothing had occurred.

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