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Thread: Working on creating a good relationship

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    Default Working on creating a good relationship

    Hello and happy holidays for everybody!

    I am glad to have this forum available so I can see more clearly what I am receiving from my questions.

    I am in a new relationship that has started a bit chaotic (lots of passion and fears) and as I really like this man and I am learning so much about myself and relationships with him, I don't want to mess up -even when both of us are a little mess up...

    Anyway, here are the questions I made and I Ching responses:

    1. What is my current attitude towards him? 32.5 to 28
    2. What is the I Ching advice about my attitude towards him? 49.4.6 to 37
    3. What is the potential of this relationship? 3 unchanging.
    4. Where is our relationship headed to if I do the best I can for it? 22.5 to 37

    and lastly... I couldn't resist asking about his own view of us:

    5. What can I expect from him? to 37

    The Hex. 37 seems to be all around and it is quite hard for me to understand it when interpreting a question. Is it about putting things in the right lace? A certain order? organizing? What are your thoughts about that?

    Thank you so much for your insights. Merry Christmas to everybody and happy new year!!!!

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    37--Family certainly seems like a good indicator of the future of your relationship (though 3 suggests lots of confusion as you sort through the possibilities and define your roles.) As always, the IC recommends you be yourself, maintain firm and clear boundaries, support from below rather than trying to be the center of attention, let things happen rather than trying to direct an outcome.... all that boring stuff about personal integrity.

    wishing you all the best in this.

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    Hello Dani

    I can only give you a partial answer here. I will answer your first question first. As far as your attitude toward him, 32.5, it would appear that you really do like him and that you want this relationship to go long term. It appears that you are willing to follow him and compromise in key ways to make the relationship work.

    As far as the potential for the relationship, hexagram 3, it appears that the early stages are difficult. There is a lot of adjustment that must be done. But apparently you, and likely him to, are willing to work on it. The commentary says "one must be able to separate and to unite." In other words, you must find the things that work, and let go of the things that don't. The ruler of hexagram three is line 5, and there the commentary says, "He should then be cautious and approach step by step." In other words you must work it, taking your time with it until any difficulties are ironed out, and don't give up in the meantime.

    Hexagram 22 line 5 indicates that we are accepted. The commentary says, "all goes well in the end." I think you need to let go of your fears and let the relationship grow.


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    I really like how Gene puts it.

    If you give it your best it seems that 22.5 holds promise. But perhaps you are putting too much expectations on this guy, can it be? Maybe you climb all the way up together and... its just another guy?
    I also see that a bit in 49.4 and 6... a need for some deep change on your part. I dont think is in your attitude or in the amount of investment in him, I dont see any signs to retreat. But could it be you need to clarify the way you are looking at him, seeing from another angle? Could u be making too much of this?

    Just some thoughts... bear in mind I am also starting with the Y.

    and Im also struggling with recurrent 37 in my current emotional affairs, and I cant figure out how promising it can be, because in my case we dont go beyond 3, which i also get a lot. But one thing I do feel about 37, as i often had it regarding a artistic group I was part of, is the need to clearly define roles.

    Best of luck, keep us posted, happy new year!

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    Thanks a lot to everyone!

    One of the main "issues" we have is defining roles. I finally asked him to stop trying to define what we were because it was annoying me, the important thing was just to be in the present and let everything be... I'll let you know how things develop! I hope to stop being afraid of the future...

    Thank you very much!


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