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Thread: Hex 42 unchanging

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    Default Hex 42 unchanging

    Hi All,

    I have again received an unchanging hexagram in response to a question I asked today, this time about the integrity of my decision to move out of my house, which I share with 2 others, and into my own place. Yi gave me 42, Increase/Blessing/Augmentation, with no changing lines. After reading around and thinking on it, I feel this is essentially a go-ahead, although it's the unchanging nature of the hexagram that gets me.

    Some other details about the situation: I love this house, perhaps a little too much. I have been here since day one, it's mostly my stuff furnishing the common areas, all the bills are in my name, I deal exclusively with the landlord, who loves me and begs me never to leave, and I've endured a revolving series of housemates since my first 2 housemates moved out a couple of years ago. 1 of the current 2 housemates just told us she's moving out and I don't know if I can endure another period of acclimation to a new stranger in "my" house. The people I live with now are very nice and considerate, for the most part, and saving money is grand, but I've gone through many emotions--from anger to frustration to sadness to resentment--as I've come to realize that this isn't my apartment but rather a shared space that, although I call it home, isn't homey anymore.

    I'd appreciate any insights. Thanks, as always!


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    dear adamlll,

    im also often at a lost with unchanging hexagrams, but 42 does say it furthers one to have somewhere to go... maybe its time to invest more in finding a new home - do you have already an alternative ? because then you could maybe ask how beneficial it would be to move into the new place, and compare answers.

    just a thought... good luck !


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    Perhaps you got an unchanging hexagram because you don't know yet where you would move. So perhaps the answer is that it would be good for you to look for a new place, but not necessarily that you should indeed move. It maybe that when you see what is out there you decide to stay where you are, at least for a while yet.


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    42 unchanging in my own experience has been an unequivocal blessing.

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    42 unchanging... is very positive.... but it also ask to be continuously and generous for any suggestion you'll need.... you'll have success but in not a simple way like in your thought!

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    I wouldn't over complicate this if i were you I'd take it as a fairly straight sign to get moving, go ahead, pour in more energy, increase blessings through your 'work' on this, invest in this idea of moving

    Its a natural time of increase where you increasing efforts to get a place you want will pay off so be prepared to put some energy into knowing and getting what you want...42 times don't last forever

    Afterall this is certainly not saying 'no don't move Adam'...If i get stuck I sometimes consider what an answer clearly isn't saying and go from there., and its pretty hard to see this as telling you to give up the idea.

    Yi has lots of ways of telling you to wait back off reconsider keep still and you didn't get any of them

    Sometimes I think we get unchanging hexagrams because its quite a straight forward answer with no complicating factors. Doesn't seem like anything is there to hold you back

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    Thank you all for your insights. trojan, I think you are right about starting from what Yi is clearly not saying. But I also think there is something to what rosada said, that it is time to start looking and if I find what I need then I'll take it.

    There are one or two extenuating factors, as well, like the fact that my beloved landlord is going to be out of the country around the time I'm planning to move, which would leave only one tenant to find herself two new roommates without his oversight. But I'm sure that if I am part of the roommate replacement process he will trust my instincts. I think more than this, however, it is that he has been very good and kind to me and all of us and I'd feel a little lousy leaving while he is away. Like it's in bad taste or inconsiderate.

    You have all been very helpful and I am deeply grateful!


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    Since you seem to be suggesting that living on your own would cost you more money, but it's something that you are considering, have you considered why and whether you even need to replace the third roommate? Maybe you can afford the place with just one?

    The Ching could also be hinting at that.

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    you are blessed - have the place to yourself

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    Carol K. Anthony - A guide to the I Ching gives an excellent interpretation of hexagram 42..

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