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Thread: Hexagram 38 to 40 TWICE in same day

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    Default Hexagram 38 to 40 TWICE in same day

    A friendhip has stalled. I know we have had diverging opinions over recent matters, and there are communication issues (this person is phone averse and very 'private', as well as proud, which I am too, but still...we are just like the sisters hexagram 38!!)

    As I was the last to make contact, I feel like I'm left waiting.. I don't know whether what i said may have been misinterpreted and I don't know whether my friend is angry/sad/or just plain selfish.
    Today I asked should I be prepared to wait for a long time before we can talk or meet to solve this?

    And drew 38 changing to 40 (I believe it is line 1 and 6 changing.

    Confused, at the end of the day I asked: should I just let go of the whole situation and leave them to it? And got exactly the same result! 38 to 40 again!

    I'm fairly familiar with 38 (I've drawn it before with this person, who is someone I;m very close to but whose behaviour puzzles me..) but was wondering is someone has more insight about the meaning of the lines..particluarly with regards to time line (ie are there any indications of how long it could take for us to resolve our recent misunderstandings?)

    many thanks!

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    The first line moving is an indication that luck is with you. Losses and any frightening circumstances cannot harm you. The sixth line moving is an indication that things are not what they seem. At the first, it appears that there is a cart of devils, when in fact it is simply a group of wife-grabbers. It is an ancient custom where the men feign to abduct the women to show their desirability. There is another instance of this allusion in hexagram 3.2.

    So, if there is a misunderstanding, it is both not something that will hurt you and is the result of not seeing the situation for what it is. However, overall, 38 is very hard for friendship and love. It is basically for separation more than anything else.

    As for 40, it is a release from the tension of 38. As such, whether for the friendship or for something new. 40 is an indication of a change in luck and fortune towards a smooth path.

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    thank you icastes
    that would all make sense in my situation..

    I've always liked that line 'don't go after lost horse it comes back by itself'

    It seems a very wise perspective on feelings of temporary loss or misunderstandings.

    thanks again!

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    Hi stark tree,
    I'm not a specialist and English is not my language. But I have received Hilary Barrets book today and want to give it a try . Here is my reading. You are asking the Yi how long it shall take to resolve the misunderstanding with your friend. I know I'm not the asker, but if I was, I should ask if the misunderstanding could be resolved and what I could do, no matter the time involved.
    The situation refers to disruption of a bond of love, friendship or loyalty. There is now hostility or indifference.
    It seems to me that you and your friend are opposites. To have the possibility of a bond with your friend, you have to release him/her. To let him/her be different and make his/her own choices. Just like you can make your choices. Maybe then the misunderstanding can be resolved. I wonder if this makes sens to you?
    Best regards

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    thank you
    I think that could be a plausible reading..I know asking for time reference is not really the way forward here, it was more a 'selfish' need to find an answer to the unanswerable..

    Although I know some people with more experience in reading hexagrams often have a way of interpreting possible 'cycles' references, from moving lines or else, as in whether this situation is astill at the beginning or moving towards the middle, the end, ect

    I think that's what's fascinating about the iching, that often there really is an answer to the unanswerable, if only we could read it (or listen to it) properly!!

    And if anyone knows more about the subject I'd love to hear if there could be an intrinsic aspect of either 38 or 40 that could hint at what cycle/stage this situation is...

    thanks for joining in the discussion so far! )


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