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    Hello, I would be very grateful if you could help me with this.
    I have been dating with a guy lately, we had a lot of misunderstadings between us, he didn't contact me in 8 days and I was very upset, so I didn't want any contact with him any more.
    After 8 days he called me again and i told him i had decided cut communication, he was very surprised and told me that hereinafter we only would see in our group of friends, it's one month since all these things happened.
    We haven´t seen again and last week my friends told me he doesn't know if maybe we can continue our relationship as a couple.
    I asked to the IC what would bring to me being again with him?
    the answer is 42 2.3.6
    I understand line 2 and I was happy but I don't know about line 6, is it warning me not to be again.
    And hexagram 5 tell me wait the right time?
    Thank you so much, I'm sorry for my basic english, I hope you understand what I try to explain.

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    Basically, 42 says that you and the man are quite compatible and good for each other. The moving lines are not so bad, except for 6, which says that you must prevail on your own resources and not on the resources of others. 5 places great obstacles in the way, but challenges you not to be impulsive, and to be patient and persevering. If you are, then things will work themselves out in your favor. Be patient.

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    God blessings for you, thank you for your quick answer. It's very important to me.


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