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Thread: Hex 23 changing into 57

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    Smile Hex 23 changing into 57

    I recently did a relationship reading asking the oracle how I should proceed with someone I've been seeing for about a month. I received Hex 23 with changing lines into 57. This is significant on several fronts. I meditated about the themes for me over the next several weeks and transition came up loud and clear, as did foundation and a pivotal turning point. I'm thinking these are all related, I'm just not sure how they tie together with this particular person, although I"m noticing some of my insecurities coming to the forefront and I don't like it. I dont want to repeat my patterns of the past. Any insight into this reading would be greatly appreciated.

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    How I should proceed with X so as not to repeat the patterns of the past? > 57

    23 The Image

    The mountain rests on the earth:
    The image of Splitting Apart.
    Thus those above can ensure their position
    Only by giving generously to those below.

    X shouldn't have to figure you out. Be clear to X what your hopes and fears are. Your friend isn't a mind reader.

    Six in the second place means:
    The bed is split at the edge.
    Those who persevere are destroyed.

    A bed is a place of sleep, but here one should not sleep and fall into old dreams but be active.

    Six in the third place means:
    He splits with them. No blame.

    You need new habits for this relationship.

    Six in the fifth place means:
    A shoal of fishes. Favor comes through the court ladies.
    Everything acts to further.

    Bradford has "a stringline of fishes", which I think is a gift. Don't be stingy.

    Hexagram 57 is a hexagram of communication:

    Thus the superior man
    Spreads his commands abroad
    And carries out his undertakings.

    Better communication will permit this relationship to grow. Do not fail to acknowledge anything X offers.

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    Thanks for the response. So, it's not doom and gloom like I thought! LOL (changing patterns, here). Sometimes I think I am too responsive to this man and that I should be a bit more aloof and/or elusive. That has never been my nature though and if two people want to be in a relationship together, I don't feel there is room for those types of games. These keep sending me back to the thoughts of not having fear, something I think a lot of people, even myself struggle with. When I did a reading on what he's thinking about me and us, what came through was Clarity leading to Endurance. It helps me maneuver my own thoughts and actions when I understand the perspective from the other side. I want to be open and communicate with him and will continue down that path.

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