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    Hi! I am new here. I would like you to help me with the interpretation. My question was if he is going to call me and I got the answer 33.5.6 > 62

    Does it mean that he is not ready yet and he will do this at the right time (33.5) ? or maybe he is uncertain how i will react on this so he prefer to stay away? (62) But I dont know how should I interpret this line: 33.6. Anyone help?
    Our past was full of misunderstadnigs and intrigues ,coused by the third unfriendly to us person. So our contact broke down.

    Ps. Sorry for my english if I made a mistake. I am from Poland

    I would be very thankful for help

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    Hello desertlark, welcome to Clarity.

    I think Yi is telling you to stop thinking about... "is he going to call me?"

    Retreat from thoughts! It also suggest there is very little chance he will call.

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    Thanks for your advice It is helpful. Maybe you are right, I should retreat and forget about it for a while and wait for the better times when something will be more possible to happen than now. But it is hard when the conciuosness do not let me rest. There are some matters that I simply would like to explain to him and resolve these misunderstandings. I am afraid to call him or something, becouse I still do not have a clear picture of the situation. However, I think that this is a man who wears the trousers and he should have more courage than I have but propably he doesnt have..

    Thanks again

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