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    Hi there

    I have just asked this question - "What are X's intentions towards me?"

    The answer,>17 makes me wonder. I understand it as 'X will retreat in order to make a follower' as in, X feels that by retreating from me, that will spur me into following him...

    Heard from him recently, his message sounded like he wanted to rekindle 'our thing' but I politely retreated cos I have a new boyfriend now (been two months only). Truth is, I still have strong feelings for X but I am forcing myself to move on since X is not available himself.

    I am fairly new to the I-Ching and would like to hear of others' opinions on this reading, if possible...

    I thank you in advance for sharing your time and experience on this.

    Beatrice xx

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    Anyone got any ideas on this? Is my interpretation way off? I'd appreciate some feedback, thanks.


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    here's a reading that seems kind of obvious, doesn't it?!
    I'd say he intends to retreat graciously but may be finding it a bit difficult to do so.
    Th yi could also be referring to your stance as well.

    there is no point in rekindling a romance, no matter how alluring it was, if each of the parties is unavailable. 33.6 sounds like advice!

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    Thank you for your opinion, Bamboo! xx


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