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Thread: What role is there for the I Ching in my life?

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    Can someone please tell me if i'm correct???

    I tossed an got Hex 25(Without Falsehood). The 3 moving lines are lines 1,4 & 5.

    The relating Hex I got is Hex 23(Falling Away).

    Ok i concluded that since my base Hex(25) is "Without Falsehood" sublimely prosperous an smooth and my moving lines say good fortune, no fault, truthful & sincere that:

    The I Ching will play a prosperous roll of truth in my life and that my will will be fufilled.

    Now the thing thats confusing to me is the relating Hex(23) "Falling Away" unfortunate to have somewhere to go. To me this doesn't make sense so I just concentrated on the base Hex and the 3 moving lines.

    What does everyone else think? Any comments are greatly apprieciated.

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    I am not sure the Hexagram relates to the question. I would ask again and be totally and completely centered with appropriate ritual [if you do this] and face south as in a formal divination. The I Ching appreciates you when you show sincere appreciation for it...

    Hope this helps,


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    candid Guest


    I see no reason to repeat the question. I'm up to my elbows in alligators at the moment but will try to get back in awhile with an answer for Shaoqi. I think its a great answer to the question.

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    candid Guest



    Your question was, ?What role is there for the I Ching in my life??

    Let?s take your relating hexagram first, 23.

    Before you can enjoy the nut you must strip away the shell. Before you can enjoy the gift you must remove the wrapping. Before you can know yourself you must get inside your skin. 23 is about stripping away of appearances.

    Did you ever get all wrapped up in some emotional quagmire, and then suddenly stop... and ask, what is Really going on here? Part of you knows there?s a bigger picture than you?re seeing. Something more objective and reality based. Not subjective and full of confusing thoughts and feelings.

    This is exactly what happens when you use I Ching in earnest. You probe for truer answers. Like mining, you have to dig to get to the gold. The trigrams are mountain on the earth.

    So, the first role I Ching has in your life is to see beyond appearances.

    23 is the means to acquire your goal. Your goal is to be your self. But not just the outward appearances of your self. In order to truly be exactly as you are, you have to strip away many outward appearances.

    One of the words used for 25 is - Innocence. When you live from this original nature, this innocence, what you say and do accords with ?life?. Some call it fate. Some say there are rewards for it. You must find your own meaning for it. Your original nature already knows.

    I think Yi provided a perfect answer to your question.


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    I agree absolutely with Candid. I think that one part of sincere appreciation for the I Ching is trusting it to answer your question.

    I think the basic idea in this reading is that the I Ching can enable you to become free from 'entanglement' in your personal demons, in worries about the past or obsessions about the future, and to be more completely present.

    And this comes about - here is where the second hexagram comes in - through Stripping Away whatever limiting beliefs, convictions, images, certainties (...) you have that are no longer connected to the vital source. Stripping Away is not a comfortable experience in the least - what gets stripped is usually what we are most attached to, and may well include your own ideas of your 'somewhere to go' - but it is a key part of divination.

    I hope someone can add something about the lines soon... I'm up to my neck in readings.

    P.S. Candid - alligators??

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    candid Guest


    Hilary - Yankee expression. Seemed simpler than saying - assembling large wheelbarrow for a friend's Christmas gift while juggling work phone calls, eating lunch, and checking the board for interesting topics.

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    Hilary & Candid thx both for your help, that was more then helpfull.

    What Yi Jing text is everyone using for their divinations?

    thx shaolin

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    Shaoqi, and thank you for your feedback on it.

    My first text is always Wilhelm. Its what I grew up with. LiSe's work offers tremendous additional insight for me at times. But more than these, it comes from knowing what it has repeatedly meant to me under different circumstances. There are parts of Wilhelm that I absolutely disagree with, based simply on my experience with a given hexagram or line. There's also an ever-widening gap between the punitive tone of Wilhelm and how I?m seeing it. That said, I still use it because its the richest in symbolism, and because I?m used to its voice.

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    I see. Idiomatic alligators. Mmm. By the way, Candid, I hadn't seen your interpretation when I posted - but still agree all the way. (And I know you are the resident 23 expert!)

    Shaoqi, thank you for posting! Translations... my first port of call is the I Ching with concordance by Rudolf Ritsema and Stephen Karcher - now out of print, though Karcher's I Ching with Concordance is almost identical.

    If still puzzled, the next three I would look at are probably LiSe's, Karcher's Total I Ching and Bradford's. Wilhelm isn't far away, either.

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    the response may be saying that this person
    > will not get any good
    > progress with her I Ching readings, because she has
    > not the necessary
    > openess and emptness (hexagram 25) to undertake this learning process . So the I Ching
    > will be "dead" for her and she will have to face her
    > bad luck.

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