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Thread: Interpretation of hexagram 42 when asked if this particular guy loves me

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    Default Interpretation of hexagram 42 when asked if this particular guy loves me

    Hello everyone

    This was my first ever Interaction with I ching and i explored it a bit more. My mind sought lot of questions, so i thought of trying I ching too. I am in love with a guy, but does not exactly know if he also thinks similarly for me. Although my guy feeling says "YES".

    When for the first time i tried my ching reading with the question if he loves me, i got the response as Hexagram 42 Increase". I myself after that tried to read a lot of interpretations on google , but couldnt understand the exact meaning. Although i must appreciate what i observed that an I CHING readig is a very positive reading, even the neagative aspects are described in a positive way.

    Can anyone explain me hexagram 42 increase in context with my question if he loves me.
    The other i ching readings such as hexagram 5 waiting and the other one cooking pot i was able to understand and interpret, but this one is a task for me. So please help me what does it wants to tell me and to change.

    Thanks in advance

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