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Thread: Help with a situation

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    Default Help with a situation

    I've asked the Yi for help with a situation I'm currently unhappy of.
    R.: 5.1,2,4,5 > 62.

    Does this mean I need to be very patient and curb any aspiration to significantly change this situation?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Would also love to understand your take on how to interpret multiple changing lines. I know this topic has been discussed in other threads on this forum, but would anyway appreciate any input. Cheers!

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    I think I've talked about this in another thread. It seems to be the exact same reading.

    For me multiple lines means they are parts of a sentence. It's like building a story, one point then another point, then another and you get the big picture. It's more of an intuitive process than a logical one. Each one line plays a role in the message.

    Hexagram 5 -- To endure/To Remain/To Maintain/To Wait.

    Line 1 -- Reminds us of things that really endure. Some things are worth keeping, pursuing. Some things are momentary. This could also be about considering lasting solutions or setting up things that will last.

    Line 2 -- Reminds us of situations or things that are by nature subject to instability. This places are not the place to expect strong foundations to be built. These things are ever changing. They're only constant as our effort is applied to it.

    Line 4 -- Dark places. We are reminded that it is not good to remain in dangerous or dark places. Especially places or thoughts that are dark.

    Line 5 -- Taking it easy. Enjoying the moment. Keeping at it (or while keeping at it).

    I believe this is not so much on the situation, but yourself. Your solution will come about in time. What is important now is your inner self. Besides, this is the most important thing.

    In any case, it points to the specific areas you might want to consider and take a good look into. Find the areas that seem to have these values (or are lacking of these values) in the situation you are looking into, and then you might find what you need to do. This self examination could also point you to what you need to focus on in the situation you're dealing with.
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    Hi Cris,

    While everything is happenining around you, and you are patiently waiting for whatever event to happen, or settle down. You need to be the pillar of strength..while sticking to the tasks at hand. Big movements need to be restrained until everything finds its place. Keeping your nose to the grindstone or taking up your post, even if everybody else is going nutty.


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    5.5 is to 11 I think this is your main focus

    and is to 18

    just some ingredients

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    Thank you gnar & WO!

    Continuing the dialogue with the Yi, I asked what I can do to improve the situation.
    R.: 37.6 > 63.

    Hex 63 is particularly appropriate to describe my current state of mind about this subject:
    if you feel as if you’ve ‘arrived’ already and let yourself come to a halt, then you lose your path and then it all falls apart.
    Indeed I believed I was on top of it, while bit by bit I have lost all the grounds I had conquered. This is very depressing.
    It’s easier to create new, clear-cut patterns for living than to live by them.
    What to do now? I found another thread in the archives pointing at LiSe's interpretation of 37.6:
    If you live up to a good cause, a spiritual ideal or perfectionism, you will never accomplish much. But if you mix the good with some down-to-earth common sense, then you succeed.
    which I would overall interpret as: beware of goals which are unrealistic and approach the situation with pragmatism.

    Any other insight will be much appreciated!

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