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Thread: help for a possible relationship. 40.1 to 54, 47

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    Default help for a possible relationship. 40.1 to 54, 47

    Hi there!
    I am living a difficult situation with a guy.
    In the beginning I didn't want anything with this guy, because is really really moody person and 10 years younger than me... then i changed my mind... I also descovered he had already a relationship with a same age of mine woman (for what he suffered a lot).
    But as soon i started to change my mind about him, he cutted out me from his life..Then I said to him I wanted to totally ignore him from that moment (wishing to him all the best).
    A few weeks ago I met him on his job's place. I was aspecting he ignored me, but actually he was quite polite (even keeping the distance). And knowing him, if he was angry with me he didn't have any problem to be bad with me.
    I really would like to date him to know if we can be a coupple. I would like to start from zero.
    I got a lot of good casts recently, but in the end nothing new happened. We still don't speak each other.
    So i asked
    What I have to do with him? 57 unchanging.
    Despite our problems (there are problems, and not for the differet age), when we will become a coupple? 47 unchanging.
    Can his feelings change so much to become my lovely boyfriend? 40.1 to 54 (before I got 22, so I guess he's really actracted from me, but not enough to do the first step , yet).

    So with 57, I guess I have to leave things go gently and don't loose my temper (as often we both did), trying to be flexible and accept the situation (coz I'm an over thinking person). And i was still hoping in an happy end.
    40.1 to 54 is a bit obscure.
    The questione was reffered to him. So maybe it is a positive answer! He maybe can stop to be angry/scared starting to like me... But 54 doesn't "like" the unconventional relationship (and maybe we are unconvetional for the rest of the world..despite I really would like to be his "conventional" girlfriend)...or maybe that means that he will just feel a strong attraction, and no deep feelings or maybe that we can be together but I can not trust him..
    but if I follow the 57's advises (avoiding to be aggressive and over thinking), it can works as a common coupple.

    but 47 unchanging is a bit catastrofic ( it is also connected to October and it doesn't have changing lines..I can hope that It means that we will overcome our (serious)problems because we are both wise people deep inside; but i guess I should go more for "no way girl"..

    Any opinion about it?

    I strongly believe that if we stop to be scared we can be great together.
    Every body deserve a second chance, isn't it?

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    Default 40.1 to 54

    Ah, I forgot it! I got 40.1 to 54 the day before too. I was in conflict because I wanted to send to him a video to help him for a thing...But I didn't want to speak to him for that reason. I know that that thing could make him happier in general...So I was thinking to send it to him in anonimus form (without sign it).I asked advise (what is gonna happen if I send him the video?) and I got 39.4 to 31.It suggest to find friends to do actions. Then I got 40.1 to 54 (what is gonna happen if I send it to a mutual friend?)..And I decided to send on a mutual friend's wall in Facebook (hoping he's gonna see it)...

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