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Thread: Hex 21.Law Enforcement in love situation

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    Hello all, My name is Janez and this is my first post here

    I have a question. I haven't been in love for... i don't even remember when i was the last time in love (even though in university I am surrounded by so many girls ). And than all of a sudden I met this girl I fell in love with, but she rejected me becouse she is in love with another guy (unhappy love BTW, becouse she is not her boyfriend, in fact she said she is in love with 'wrong one', which basicly means we are in the same situation ) Anyway, I am desperate now, and I asked I Ching will we ever be together? And while i was tossing i was thinking about us walking the beach, making love under the stars, listening waves and watching birds and that kind of stuff.

    So i got 52.Gen with 1st, 3rd and 4th moving lines and 21.Biting through. Now, if I understand 1st hexagarm as 'Mountain/Steadiness' and as present situation, is clear enough. Nothing is happening and the judgement says: You look steadly at her back, but you will not be able to see her front. And my heart is burning with anxiety as the 3rd line says.

    But the 2nd hexagram, 'Biting through/Law Enforcement' confusess me. This hexagram is only talking about criminals and law and breaking it and penalites. Just law, law, law. Not a word about love or anything else...

    I would really appreciate if anybody has an idea of what this hex represents in this situation.

    thank you very much

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    anon1 Guest


    Hi Janez

    Horrible situation you're in... sympathies.

    As you say - Stop, stopped, blocked, blockage, standstill... N o usually spells no ;)

    1st 6 - Don't attempt to make progress

    3rd 9 - You got it!

    4th 6 - Means you have to stop it within yourself - it is the front of your body referred to here.

    Taking your situation as a whole I would see 52 and moving lines as your situation and the way to deal with it and 21 as the general situation.

    21 - Biting - The hexagram makes the shape of a mouth with something stuck in it. Fair description of a choking situation?

    Maybe time to focus on that fourth line?

    Just an opinion.

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    candid Guest


    Welcome, Janez.

    quote: "Anyway, I am desperate now, and I asked I Ching will we ever be together?"

    I'm thinking your desperation is what's really being addressed here. If this is correct then 21 is referring to 'correcting' this desperation. In addition to law as discipline or punishment, try thinking of it as correction of course, approach or disposition.

    52 shows the way to accomplish this through steadying the heart and thoughts.

    Its doubtful your aims will be accomplished through losing yourself in the current of emotions. Find your center and act from there. This can sometimes mean enforcing discipline, but line 3 in 52 warns of trying to accomplish this through artificial rigidity. Rather, finding your center is accomplished through inner calm, which comes about through accepting things as they are. Once you gain back your steady heart your desperation will withdraw.

    Once your heart and mind become clear your perspective concerning the object of your affection will also become clearer.


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    Well, Anon, Candid and Anonymous, thank you all for a kind response. And Anonymous, I must say: BINGO!, you nailed it. This really is a karmic thing, i don't know if you know about astrology, but my sun is directly on her vertex, door to destiny. Moreover, there is a major role of Saturn in this situation, a planet of karma...

    I also asked I ching when i met her, what is our destiny, why did we come together, why we met, what is our yuan? And I got hexagram 8, Alliance and 3 lines moving, 2nd, 3rd and 6th. The second hexagram was 57-Shun, The yielding.

    The second hexagram was also not so clear to me, and the next day i tossed again with the same question. This time i got 19.Approaches to Ruling and AGAIN THREE MOVING YIN LINES; 3rd, 4th, 6th and the second hex 14.Great wealth. As far as i know, 3 moving yin lines mean that a lot of things must happen, as moving yin line suggest that things will happen in future.

    So there is no doubt, this is a karmic thing, I just don't understand how, why, when... lost & confused

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    I am not sure what exactly do you mean, but good shot anyway ;)

    So, to finish this story, I tossed again today. I was thinking whole day about this karma thing, and so now in the evening i threw coins once more asking what is this karma, what is the reason we met. Man, i mean, i toss alot but i never got so funny hexagram. i got 16-Joyous with 1st and 4th line moving, making hex 24-return. And if you look at hexagrams together with earthly branhes and 6 relationships, self line and opponent line bound together in both hexagrams, which are both 6 match BTW. So beautiful, it looks like hollywood romantic drama :P

    Anyway, amazing how can one toss make your day

    Thanks again everybody. I saved for a shrink )


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