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Thread: Hex 38 three times (Urgent help needed)

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    Default Hex 38 three times (Urgent help needed)

    I was selected for an interview by a very prestigious company a while ago. I got sick two days before, so I think I asked something like should I reschedule the interview I got hex 38.3 and I did reschedule. So that's done!

    Now I believe they finished a background check on me. However, I just realized I forgot to put a job that I worked for only two weeks on their job application, which required me to list all the jobs I had in the past 10 years. And the reason I realized this is because they called the other and told me the time for one of the job I gave to them doesn't match a letter they received. I gave them some of my old timesheet, and they gentleman said it was good enough. But he never asked me anything about this job that I worked for two weeks. I asked iching should I call the HR and explain, I got hex38, no changing line. I asked iching again, am I still getting this job? I got hex38.3.6. , so should I call or should I not call? I don't want to sabotage this opportunity. It's once in a life time. Help please

    Also, does it mean I am not who they are looking for or this is not the right job for me? I am so frustrated right now.
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