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    Hello Friends,

    I received hexagram 55 unchanging recently, and it was one of those answers to a question that just didn't seem to make sense. Given my general understanding of 55, I'll go so far as to say the answer must be to a different question and not to the question asked. But as I continue to learn about and be humbled by Yi, I see that difficulty in understanding her answers are usually the result of my own limitations and not a result of any problem with Yi or Yi's understanding of my question.

    I understand 55 to be about a moment in time that is abundant. I sometimes feel confused about how 55 differs from hexagram 34 Great Power, or even 28. 55 seems to talk about the flow of nature, and within this there appears a sensitivity to the natural ebb and flow of life energy. When I read about 55 I feel only that the moment is at the top of a bell curve, and that although a fall is on the way, it doesn't feel negative or stressful such as 33, 41, 36. Instead, 55 feels to me to be saying, "Okay, in this moment there is abundance. In another moment there will be a lack of abundance, but it's okay because as sure as the sun rises again in the morning so shall this abundance return again." 55 seems to be about this rise and fall cycle, and in the given moment that cycle seems to be at the highest point of it's journey.

    Sometimes I read about 55 as a warning that suggests: the current situation is the best it will ever be, and it can only go down from here. This to me reads very negative and doesn't match an awareness of the natural rise and fall that part of me believes 55 is all about.

    Then I read a interpretation on this forum by Hilary from a couple years ago, where she talks about 55 in terms of there being a tremendous abundance that requires management. This to me extends the meaning of the hexagram from being about the abundance itself, to instead include being about the way one lives with, works with, and interacts with the abundance.

    Of course, we've discussed on this forum the meaning of unchanging hexagrams. People have expressed a wide range of beliefs the their nature. What of an unchanging 55?

    Okay, these are my meanderings so far. What are your ideas and experiences with 55?


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    i am looking for info about 55 myself and wonder about these same questions. can somebody respond?


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