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    Hey everyone! Long time no see haha. I was curious if you all could give me a little deeper insight to the line in question.

    So for the past 3 months or so I've been getting to know someone whom I've developed quite an attraction for. She is very guarded of her feelings however and she just came out of a 4 year relationship a few months ago after finding out she'd been cheated on the whole time.

    I've been doing my best to be receptive to her situation. She is very vague though. I am fairly certain she is attracted to me, we have been initmate, but have not had sex. I literally ended up with scars on my back though haha, so to say the least our interaction was at least passionate.

    I asked to see her Thursday sometime this weekend, and she said it was quite possible. Although, she's been having a rough week. A wake yesterday, and her phone getting shut off because of the fact someone stole 70 dollars off her.

    I've been trying to give her her space, but I asked the IChing what kind of interaction I'd have with her tonight and got 42.2 which seems very auspicios. Any thoughts on what I should expect?


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    Well, the moving line indicates that you are in luck. A constant progress to target!

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    Thanks for your input

    Is it saying more for me to act though, or just to leave it alone and allow things to progress without interference naturally?


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