Hi again,
Rather a meditating weekend, lots of book of changes reading and some forum reading. (oh, my I am so far away from understanding)
I could use all the help (thanking in advance ) in regards to two questions. I am to the point of taking a difficult decision, which needs to be realized in the next 4-5 days.
Firstly I asked if I should have a meeting with my ex focusing on me expressing my feelings and not investing on his reactions (which I can't control anyway) and received 41.3.4 changing to 14.
The change in line three speaks of three being to many (I know he is with another girl, but I also know that this is not serious and he wants out from this relationship - I have several sources confirming this to me) so I don't know how to take line 3. But then I also don't get line 4 (If a man decreases his faults it makes the other hasten to come and rejoice no blame). Is it I to decrease my faults? How? Should I speak about them in the meeting? does the Yi speak of the other person or of me
also in other shared readings I read that some times is not only about the lines but the new hexagram. What does 14 mean in this case? Possession in great measure... is it some kind of indication of a possible future outcome and if yes only if what takes place first??
Secondly I asked: If I don't try to contact him, will he ever contact me? I got 18.1 changing to 26. I have no clue what the (setting right what has been spoiled by the father means and if there is a son??? who is the father, who the son??? Do I have to set something right? How?
I am so sorry if I am overwhelming with my thousand questions but Yi is a whole new way, a whole new perspective and I really wish to learn more about it.
Not in the sense of finding out the future - I don't believe there is one future anyway, there are many... but in the sense of understanding me
I really need your help, in order to understand what the Yi is telling me.
Thank you for any of your wonderful insights...