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Thread: Hex 37 Unchanging & 40 Unchanging

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    Default Hex 37 Unchanging & 40 Unchanging

    Hi everyone

    Another year has gone by I did my yearly reading, I have allot of opportunities coming this year but I dont tend to get my hopes up although somethings in my industry have changed and as i mentioned there are some new things on the horizon.

    I first asked what do I need to know for this coming year and recived hex 37 unchanging I think i understand but not really sure. I then ask what do I need to know about my business this year & recieved hex 40 unchanging I very rarley get unchanging hex's. I would love some collective opinions on what these two hex's unchanging could mean as both questions are closley related.

    37 is a hard one am i being advised to nurture things close to home, I think maybe its like a birds of a feather thing, I think I really do need to find people with similar interest's without sounding pretentious I thought at least I was trying to nurture things close to home so I am not sure exactly what I am being advised and was thinking that 40 could be some good things around the corner.

    would love some help on this I was a little taken back when I got two unchanging hex's in two readings so I think the Yi is stressing something.

    thanks all & have a wonderful new year
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    Hi Steve,
    I'm not very experienced with this but I'd like to have a go if you don't mind?
    37 unchanging when asking what you need to know bout the forthcoming year speaks strongly of family issues.

    LiSe says
    The foundation of a family is economic. Not blood-ties, not love, not sense of duty. All these things can only come to life because there is a foundation and so the family is a family. Love is not strong enough to keep them together. But the pig they raise together, the farm they run, the skills they all bring in.
    When surviving is tough, families are strong. When people adhere to a conviction or master, the disciples become a strong community together. When an enemy threatens, people become fervent nationalists. Always when people need each other to survive, they become families.

    I don't know your family circumstances but to me this is saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Stay true to yourself and have conviction in your words. Make sure you reflect your words in your actions. 37 suggests that working towards a shared goal is what brings and keeps people together. There needs to be reason for wanting to group together other than just an affinity for each other.

    As for 40 in reference to your business. Take the bull by the horns.

    LiSe states

    Freedom is to be innocent.
    Guilt is the most massive prison wall there is. It makes you do, think and be what others prescribe.
    If you think yourself something should be done, then do it. If not, then don’t – and don’t let anyone point at you and make a feeling of guilt in you. And never do that yourself. Making guilt is a crime against life.
    Stay free and leave free.

    I think this means that you should take action where and when you think you should without feeling guilty. Do not worry about persuasions and pleas from other people. Actions should be carried out (or not) as you see fit.

    I'll leave you with my take on this for now but it does come with a health warning as I don't have much interpretation experience.

    Happy new year


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    37 could be refering to my business team we are allot like family, maybe I need to "really" coordinate that like so everyone is clear on what the end result should be, funny I couldnt see that. I think alot of the time I know what the big picture is but does everyone else? I mean all the work comes via me I am at the top of the chain but does everyone else share or know what these goals maybe. I would still like to hear what others may think but that does help

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    40 could be hinting at dont do things in my business unless people are paying for them, i just mean sometimes I will under quote myself to get the business then regret it later. I think that could be part of it.
    By doing that it creates other issues getting bogged down when I could make other money

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    Fom Wilhelm, we do see that 37 is talking about a social structure and how everything is in its proper place. This gives strength to the family (business)

    The hexagram represents the laws obtaining within the family. The strong
    line at the top represents the father, the lowest the son. The strong line in the
    fifth place represents the husband, the yielding second line the wife. On the
    other hand, the two strong lines in the fifth and the third place represent two
    brothers, and the two weak lines correlated with them in the fourth and the
    second place stand for their respective wives. Thus all the connections and
    relationships within the family find their appropriate expression. Each
    individual line has the character according with its place. The fact that a
    strong line occupies the sixth place-where a weak line might be expected-
    indicates very clearly the strong leadership that must come from the head of
    the family. The line is to be considered here not in its quality as the sixth but
    in its quality as the top line. THE FAMILY shows the laws operative within
    the household that, transferred to outside life, keep the state and the world in
    order. The influence that goes out from within the family is represented by
    the symbol of the wind created by fire.

    Analysing this, I would come up with again, the shared goals as before and each person knowing the role they have in order to achieve that goal. This ties in with what you are saying about making everybody clear about the desired outcome.

    To further this, your original question was not specifically about business, maybe you need to be clear about what you want in other areas of your life too. Let other people know where they fit in with your goals.

    40 from Wilhelm is
    This refers to a time in which tensions and complications begin to be eased.
    At such times we ought to make our way back to ordinary conditions as soon
    as possible; this is the meaning of "the southwest." These periods of sudden
    change have great importance. Just as rain relieves atmospheric tension,
    making all the buds burst open, so a time of deliverance from burdensome
    pressure has a liberating and stimulating effect on life. One thing is
    important, however: in such times we must not overdo our triumph. The
    point is not to push on farther than is necessary. Returning to the regular
    order of life as soon as deliverance is achieved brings good fortune. If there
    are any residual matters that ought to be attended to, it should be done as
    quickly as possible, so that a clean sweep is made and no retardations occur.

    Here we have a release of tension and complications becoming less. There is a return to normality. Maybe undercharging for services/goods may have been putting a strain on your business. It could also refer to the current economic climate in general and hint at a trend towards normality?
    40 is suggesting that you deal with small matters and tie up loose ends quickly thus ironing out any creases which maybe slowing progress down. Make a fresh start and sweep minor issues away without guilt.

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    taking hex 37 a little bit further:
    reafirming positions or re-structuralising within the firm, working on a team spirit (if this question was about business?)
    hex 40
    getting new business opportunities but need to act quickly upon them (good team work could be a great benefit there *37 hint*) with executive deciceveness :-)

    just my quick thought, have a good year, D.

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    the question about 37 was not specificaly about my business but just in general what i needed to know about 2012 I think it relates to my business but i am thinking its meaning my home & everything

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    Could be that Yi is stressing the future need for you to be present in your family`s life (more or as much as before) since the business my pick up for the better. It certainly draws your attention to the structure of the family and family issues to work upon, keeping all things in right order.

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    I am thinking I need to focus on order then 40 will fall into place , the rain will fall etc & it does make allot of sense. How can things ever be the way you want them when things are in disorder. I am not saying things are in complete dis-order but its an area that does need work. In allot of area's just things around my home systems for my employees etc,,37 unchanging i think can mean getting your house in order. I may need to get some kind of mentor to help me in this area.

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    Hello Steve,

    Yes, that was pretty much my first thought when I read 37 unchanging. It is a small nuance, but could it possibly mean establishing lines of communication with family and coworkers and maybe new friends to determine roles and establish order in your life and work. The keyword being communication. My personal experience with 37 has involved strong communication, not as much establishing order in my surroundings, but in how I communicate. In my life, it has related more to how I connect with people and forming solid bonds and even developing new friendships. And strong communication would be necessary to maintain an orderly life. Small difference, but perhaps significant.


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