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Thread: Your Experiences With Unchanging Castings -- Hexagram 2

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    I've noticed as these threads progress that the Hexagram 2 Unchanging thread is the least frequented -- so far anyway. Hmmm. Do we cast this one less? Is it more mysterious, harder to describe? Just wondering why it isn't so discussed as the others. Maybe no obvious reason. Perhaps an example of "It is what it is" right before our eyes!

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    Well, if we're using yarrow or 16 tokens, 2 would come up more often unchanging than any other hexagram!

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    A long while ago I had sort of coined and used this phrase 'it is what it is' as a staple, trying to say something. The way I meant it and understood it back then -and still do- was not so much about what we usually understand as hexagram 2, the acceptance and such, but more like what I understand as an unchanging hexagram . . To be clear, there's not much literal 'unchanging' in an unchanging hexagram for me, instead it is a process of seeing something 'in itself' rather than comparing it or referencing to something other.

    In a way, it is like flying on one of these airplanes that have the little screens over the seats that show you where you are at any given point. I might look up and see where I'm flying over and it might be England, or Sweden or Spain. It's not Spain that's east of Portugal, or next-to-the-ocean Spain, it's just Spain, and as such it's made of many many bits and pieces that are constantly mutating and I'm traveling thru them but it is still a thing in itself, expressing itself rather than its relation or a static view of it

    To be very honest (and I hope no one takes it personally, cause it tends to happen a lot when discussing divination) I find little sense in trying to pinpoint an 'unchanging' hexagram -although I'm enjoying reading the stories people have come up with it . . I find it more open and challenging to others because it asks more of the querent -like setting a date without naming the place: you might get it but it takes way more exploration and, possibly, a view of things on a bigger scale. It's probably a more macroscopic idea than a detailed microscopic one. 'It is what it is' was my way of expressing that without setting it too much in stone

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    I so liked this post of Rosada's on her Aha moment with hex 2. I think it's a helpful story to have in mind when we receive 2 uc

    I was rearranging the furniture today, taking down Christmas ornaments, clearing out clutter and had an Ah-ha Moment when I paused and surveyed the newly blank walls and empty space. I had originally assumed the corner would look bare and boring when I took out the tree but instead it became a focal point of interest, like the calm in the eye of the storm or a zen rock garden. This lead me to think about the meaning of hexagram 2 as the mate to The Creative, hexagram 1. In the past I've thought of 2 as being similar to an audience who passively sits and watches, or a male chauvinists idea of the perfect woman - some unimaginative type who meekly follows another. Today I got a sense of how compelling the 2 can be - like if hexagram 1 is the desire to expand and explore then 2 is The Great Unknown that pulls the light to it, the emptiness causing, inspiring new thoughts. Just as my empty living room caused me to stop and consider alternative possibilities - Why bring the chairs back in around the coffee table? Why not create an exercise room or set up my sewing machine and do crafts? - hexagram 2 can be a seen as describing not just a neutral space but a call to consider that anything is possible.

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    My friend was going to be a father, and out of curiosity I've asked about the baby's sex - Hex 2uc.
    Wow, that was a very clear answer. ( 5th of September, 2013).

    The girl was born in the beginning of February 2014.

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    I've just been through a couple of frustrating weeks during which I couldn't make sense of a single reading. Everything I gotl seemed unintelligible and occasionally downright contradictory. I was worried and exasperated. I eventually asked why I'd been so confused by recent readings, and got...2 unchanging!

    Assuming it's really "exactly how it appears", I guess I'm just failing to see the nose in front of my face.

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    In your case it sounds as if you need to stop trying to impose order/understanding/direction, on things and allow yourself to be led by the circumstances that arise.

    However if I try to interpret what it means for you here we are really in SR territory. You are asking a question aren't you.

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    More and more lately I am finding that "At first: confusion. Later: gains a lord" is the center of 2uc for me. Usually when I ask the question, I am completely confused about what I am supposed to be doing in order to achieve [whatever]. And 2uc makes me understand that it's okay, I'm supposed to be confused right now, but pretty soon a direction will emerge. It's incredibly calming that way.

    (This is basically what trojan just said! just adding my experience.)

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    Hi, Andrea:

    A literal translation may apport some issues. Some sequences of H.2 say:

    «... First crazy, later getting guidance (a lamp with ligth atop) ... Peaceful omen lucky.»
    Say, those things happen, nobody´s perfect. Be tranquil.

    Another parts are more obscure like the omen of a She-Horse or directions for finding or losing friends which at first glance look prettry sexual. But that´s another story.

    If you want the chinese to english literal translation I can post it. But it has little warranty.




    Maybe the same said by Trojina and Knot, don´t look for the lost order, it will appear by itself. But I don´t like too much «getting a Lord», new lords often apport only more confusion. To be comanded is not always the best even if you translate «master» or «husband» instead of «Lord». I prefer «leader» or «leading» ► «guidance».


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    I wasn't exactly asking a question, Troj; more just musing (and amused).

    But I suppose the distinction is muddy. And I do appreciate everyone's insights.

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